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Locked Goblin v0.4.2 - Goblin for Phishing Exercise Tools


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Goblin for Phishing Exercise Tools

Goblin is a phishing rehearsal tool for red-blue confrontation. By using a reverse proxy, it is possible to obtain information about a user without affecting the user’s operation perceptibly or to induce the user’s operation. The purpose of hiding the server-side can also be achieved by using a proxy. Built-in plug-in, through a simple configuration, quickly adjusts the content of the web page to achieve a better exercise effect.


    Support for caching static files to speed up access.
    Supports dumping all requests, dumping requests that match the rules.
    Support quick configuration through plug-ins to adjust inappropriate jumps or content.
    Support for implanting specific javascript code.
    Support for modifying the content of responses or goblin requests.
    Support hiding real IP by proxy.

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