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Locked Crawlergo 0.4.2 - A Powerful Browser Crawler For Web Vulnerability Scanners


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crawlergo is a browser crawler that uses chrome headless mode for URL collection. It hooks key positions of the whole web page with DOM rendering stage, automatically fills and submits forms, with intelligent JS event triggering, and collects as many entries exposed by the website as possible. The built-in URL de-duplication module filters out a large number of pseudo-static URLs, still maintains a fast parsing and crawling speed for large websites, and finally gets a high-quality collection of request results.

crawlergo currently supports the following features:

    chrome browser environment rendering
    Intelligent form filling, automated submission
    Full DOM event collection with automated triggering
    Smart URL de-duplication to remove most duplicate requests
    Intelligent analysis of web pages and collection of URLs, including javascript file content, page comments, robots.txt files and automatic Fuzz of common paths
    Support Host binding, automatically fix and add Referer
    Support browser request proxy
    Support pushing the results to passive web vulnerability scanners

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