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Locked Exploitation with PowerShell


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Learning about PowerShell exploitation techniques and tools is of vital importance for successfully running red team operations or penetration tests in Windows environments.

The ability to make use of readily available tools such as PowerShell when targeting Windows operating systems during red teaming exercises is crucial to guarantee a successful outcome. In this course, Exploitation with PowerShell, you’ll learn to leverage PowerShell to your advantage when targeting Windows operating systems. First, you’ll explore various types of tools that you can work with to build evasive payloads. Next, you’ll discover how to embed these payloads into client-side exploits. Finally, you’ll learn about the various security mitigations which you may be confronted with during security operations and how to evade them. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge required to successfully conduct pentests and red team exercises using PowerShell.

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