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GRAPHIC CARD - sometimes also referred to as a graphics accelerator) a computer component whose task is to visualize digital data in the form of computer graphics visible on a monitor or other multimedia device.


The graphics card usually takes the form of an expansion card mounted on the I/O bus on the motherboard. Optionally, the graphics chip can be integrated with the motherboard chipset.


Building a graphics card

Despite the wide variety in the graphics card market, the basic elements are the same in each card:

  • GPU graphics processor
  • RAM
  • RAMDAC digital-to-analog converter
  • bus connector
  • Card BIOS
  • set of outputs (connectors)
  • built-in 3D accelerator



-libraries constituting a bridge between multimedia software and hardware such as graphics card, sound card. DirectX is a Microsoft product available for Windows and XBox. OpenGL is an open graphics library - it is a set of functions that allow you to build complex three-dimensional scenes from basic geometric figures. OpenGL is available on many operating systems.



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