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Locked 100 Texture Bundle


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This is basically ONE GIGABYTE of pure texture goodness.

What’s your time worth? 90 hours went into meticulously crafting the eight finely detailed collections that make up this bundle. Each collection contains top quality textures that take a serious time investment to create. Taking and editing original photos, tweaking, making the selections, converting to vector, post-production, etc. The time adds up when you create these on your own. Skip the hassle and buy these instead.

Pick your format Regardless of whether you like to work with infinitely scale-able Vector EPS files or 27 megapixel transparent PNG’s, I’ve included both files for your convenience. The hard work is done, easily grab the file format of your choice, drop it into your design and go!

Here’s the included awesomeness in this texture bundle:

    12 Vintage Grit Textures
    12 Cement Textures
    13 Woodgrain Textures
    12 Marble Textures
    12 Retro Halftones
    15 Crumpled Paper Halftone Textures
    12 Light Grunge Textures
    12 Grunge Textures

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