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Discord Mass DM GO


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DMDGO is a Multi-threaded Discord Self-Bot primarily used for mass messaging users on Discord. It has numerous other quality features to enhance the user experience and allowing the user to target the most users.

Features :

Token Utilities

    Avatar Changer
    Username Changer
    Hypesquad Changer
    Bio Changer
    Token Changer
    Invite joiner (Single/Multi modes)
    Guild Leaver
    Token Onliner
    Token Format Changer
    Token Checker
    Reaction Adder
    Server Checker

Mass Messaging

    Mass DM Advertisement
    Single DM Spam
    DM on React

Scraping Utilities

    Opcode 14 Scraper (Memberlist scraper)
    Opcode 8 Scraper (Bruteforce Scraper)
    Reaction Scraper

Other Features

    Multiple Captcha APIs supported
    Supports token & email:pass:token formats
    Compatible with all major OS and Architectures
    Supports HTTP(s), SOCKS5 and SOCKS4 proxies
    Free & Open source
    Emulates Discord's requests to a very high accuracy to prevent detection
    Highly Documented
    Multi-threaded using Light-weight Goroutines supporting thousands of concurrent accounts
    Can Receieve messages during mass DM
    Can ping user
    Can send embeds using 3rd Party APIs
    Supports multiple messages

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