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Locked Uninstall Tool 3.6.0 Build 5681 Multilingual


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Fast and Powerful Uninstaller for Complete Removal of Programs

  •     Thorough removal of unwanted apps
  •     Real-time installation monitor
  •     Control apps that run at system startup
  •     Portable, multilingual and beautifully designed

Remove unwanted software, make your computer clean and even faster with an effective, powerful and easy-to-use Windows app

Uninstall Wizard
Completely remove unwanted software by removing leftover file system & registry items

Batch Uninstall
Uninstall or perform Force Removal of multiple selected apps

Install Tracker
Install apps with real-time tracing. View and record which files/registry items are created

Startup Manager
Find, add or remove apps that automatically start when Windows starts

Force Removal
Uninstall stubborn apps that cannot be removed using standard uninstaller

Portable Mode
Run Uninstall Tool from a USB drive on multiple PCs

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