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Locked IntraWeb Ultimate Edition 15.2.52


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IntraWeb is a Delphi-specific tool for building web pages. With this tool, the developer can create pages that use the same methods used to create programs under Windows:

        By selecting controls from the palette
        and drag them into the design space which is the format of the next window (HTML page) that the user will see.

Design concepts become a bit more complex since HTML pages are not loaded directly from the user’s computer and are actually requested by the web server. So IntraWeb uploads templates to the web server and the server uploads and displays them to the user.

IntraWeb offers flexible and reliable guidance technologies that eliminate some of the development hassle. The support provided by IntraWeb team members is also unique.

IntraWeb is fantastic because you come up with a very flexible, powerful, and fully compatible culture framework that represents the company software of Borland. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t wait. This tool is actually invaluable.

IntraWeb allows us to build web-based information systems over time beyond the reach of traditional development tools and methods. Previous tools of the web information system took months to develop and were limited to user account management. The new system is fast, flexible and user-friendly. Parts users love it!


    New Handler classes (replacing TURLResponder)
    New AJAX file uploader control (TIWFileUploader)
    New ASPX extensions
    Highly improved performance and robustness
    New cache slot machine
    Compatible with HTML 5 and the new default DOC type
    Supports all versions of Ionic Code in Delphi / RAD Studio

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