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Locked Mubeng v0.6.1 - incredibly fast proxy checker & IP rotator


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An incredibly fast proxy checker & IP rotator with ease.proxy checker


    Proxy IP rotator: Rotates your IP address for every specific request.
    Proxy checker: Check your proxy IP which is still alive.
    All HTTP/S methods are supported.
    HTTP & SOCKSv5 proxy protocols apply.
    All parameters & URIs are passed.
    Easy to use: You can just run it against your proxy file, and choose the action you want!
    Cross-platform: whether you are Windows, Linux, Mac, or even Raspberry Pi, you can run it very well.

Changelog v0.6.1

    3ac3ac6 Add rotation method for proxy IP rotator
    76464d5 Add support for SOCKSv4(A)

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