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Locked Comcast TV Remote Hack Opens Homes to Snooping


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Comcast TV Remote Hack Opens Homes to Snooping


🌀Researchers disclosed the ‘WarezTheRemote’ attack, affecting Comcast’s XR11 voice remote control.

🌀A security flaw allowing attackers to remotely snoop in on victims’ private conversations was found to stem from an unexpected device – their TV remotes.

🌀The flaw stems from Comcast’s XR11, a popular voice-activated remote control for cable TV, which has more than 18 million units deployed across the U.S. The remote enables users to say the channel or content they want to watch rather than keying in the channel number or typing to search.

🌀However, researchers found a serious vulnerability in the remote, allowing attackers to take it over (details below). Worse, the ensuing attack, dubbed WarezTheRemote, does not require any interaction from the victim — it’s extremely cheap to carry out (a hacker merely needs a low-priced RF transceiver and antenna), and can be launched remotely (from up to 65 feet away).


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