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Locked HorusEyesRat v0.2.1.0 - Third Release


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Remote Acess Tool Written in VB.NET
Server : .NET 4.8
Client : .NET 4.5

Features :

    Supports DNS (No-IP for example)
    Packets Serialization
    Multi Ports Listener
    Automation Tasks when client is connected
    Save Settings for automation tasks
    Blur ScreenLocker
    Monitor Rotation (0 , 90 , 180 , 270 degrees)
    Hide & Show Taskbar
    Hide & Show Desktop Icons
    Hide & Show Cursor
    Swap & Normal State Mouse Buttons
    Lock & Unlock Keyboard
    Empty Bin
    Native Injection : You can inject an unmanaged DLL (C++ , C , D...)
    32 & 64 bit stubs
    Mass Tasks: Passwords Recovery , History Recovery , Wifi Passwords Recovery
    Tasks Manager : Kill , Resume , Pause
    Passwords Recovery (+35 web browsers based on chromium)
    History Recovery (+35 web browsers based on chromium)
    Wifi Passwords Recovery
    Power : Log out , Reboot , Shutdown , Hibernate , Suspend
    Increase Volume
    Decrease Volume
    Mute | Unmute Volume
    Save all passwords | history recovered
    Export History | Passwords as .csv file
    Installation : Set a task in TaskScheduler | Hidden from startup + copy file in local user path hidden
    Ability to change your client priority
    Ability to ask for privileges
    Check UAC at different levels (if enable or not)
    File Manager : Create Directory, Open File, Delete File, Move File To Bin, Download File

Third Release

    New API implemented : IPAPI from https://ip-api.com/
    New Flags.db (SQLite): all flags have been listed there ! (Contact me if missing one)
    Code Improvements (Plugins + Server)
    Corrected Bugs with Blur ScreenLocker
    Added File Manager : Open File , Download File , Delete File , Put File in Bin , Create Directory
    Corrected : Automation task + Send Plugin
    Client Version Retrograded : .Net 4.5

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