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Locked Rose Obfuscator latest release


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Important : this is the latest release, i will not update or fix it anymore so please don't ask me to do anything else Enjoy my obfuscator ♥

- Protections :
- Software EOF Anti Tamper, Anti ILDasm, Anti Dump, Anti Debug & Anti De4dot
- Strings Encryption Ascii, Base64, Crypto & Hide Strings
- Control Flow Presets : None, Minimum, Normal, Aggressive & Maximum
- Proxy Obfuscation Proxy, Proxy Meth & Proxy Int
- Calli / Stack Confusion
- Flood & Junk Junk, Outline Methods & Mutation
- Extra Fake Obfuscator, Arithmetic Obfuscation, Meta Strip, Invalid MD, Hide Methods & Hide Namespaces
- Renamer Two methods + Renamer types( ascii - chinese - numbers - arabic ) and length maximum 50
- Packers Two packer methods

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