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Locked OpenDoor v4.0.1 - OWASP WEB Directory Scanner


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OpenDoor OWASP is a console multifunctional websites scanner. This application finds all possible ways to login, index of/ directories, web shells, restricted access points, subdomains, hidden data, and large backups. The scanning is performed by the built-in dictionary and external dictionaries as well. Anonymity and speed are provided by means of using proxy servers. The software is written for informational purposes and is an open-source product under the GPL license.


     multithreading control
     scan’s reports
     directories scanner
     subdomains scanner
     HTTP(S) (PORT) support
     Keep-alive long pooling
     HTTP(S)/SOCKS proxies
     dynamic request header
     custom wordlst’s prefixes
     custom wordlists, proxies, ignore lists
     debug levels (1-3)
     extensions filter
     custom reports directory
     custom config wizard (use random techniques)
     analyze techniques
        detect redirects
        detect index of/ Apache
        detect large files
        heuristic detect invalid web pages
        blank success page filter
        certify required pages
     randomization techniques
        random user-agent per request
        random proxy per request
        wordlists shuffling
        wordlists filters

Changelog v4.0.1

– Python 2.6,2.7 is unsupported
– Update directories.dat 36994 -> 37019
– [enhancement] [#PR-40](https://github.com/stanislav-web/OpenDoor/issues/40) added encoding to setup.py
– [bugfix] [#PR-48](https://github.com/stanislav-web/OpenDoor/issues/48) Python 3.9 / 3.10 compatibility
– [bugfix] [#PR-20](https://github.com/stanislav-web/OpenDoor/issues/20) No timeout setup in request
– [enhancement] [#PR-36](https://github.com/stanislav-web/OpenDoor/issues/36) Feature Request: Show only found items

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