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Locked onionshare v2.3 - Securely and anonymously share file


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OnionShare lets you securely and anonymously share files of any size. It works by starting a web server, making it accessible as a Tor onion service, and generating an unguessable URL to access and download the files. It doesn’t require setting up a server on the internet somewhere or using a third party file-sharing service. You host the file on your own computer and use a Tor onion service to make it temporarily accessible over the internet. The other user just needs to use Tor Browser to download the file from you.


    A user-friendly drag-and-drop graphical user interface that works in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
    Ability to share multiple files and folders at once
    Support for multiple people downloading files at once
    Automatically copies the unguessable URL to your clipboard
    Shows you the progress of file transfers
    When file is done transferring, automatically closes OnionShare to reduce the attack surface
    Localized into several languages, and supports international Unicode filenames

Changelog v2.3

    Major new feature: Multiple tabs, including better support for persistent services, faster Tor connections
    New feature: Chat anonymously mode
    New feature: All new design
    New feature: Ability to display QR codes of OnionShare addresses
    New feature: Web apps have responsive design and look better on mobile
    New feature: Flatpak and Snapcraft packaging for Linux
    Several bug fixes

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