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Locked Gaidaros: open-source vulnerability security scanner


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Gaidaros is designed to be a fast and simple open-source vulnerability security scanner and penetration testing tool concentrating on Apache Web Server. The tool follows the rule of pentesting checklist that automates the process of detecting and exploiting the target Web Server and its Web Applications’ vulnerabilities, also helps minimizing the time and effort of anyone looking forward to pentest a particular Web Server, and finally providing well-designed afterward reports. It comes with a powerful detection engine, numerous niche features for the ultimate penetration tester.

Gaidaros specializes in the Reconnaissance Phase with the help of OSINT Framework and gets the most out of it. This tool, by any means, is not recommended to be a replacement for pentesters, it can only be recommended to be used as a versatile quick scanner and a helpful time-saver. All you need is the target url, and you are ready to go.


    Full Reconnaissance
    Apache Vuln Scanner
    Common Web Application Vuln Scanner
    OWASP Scanner
    Post-scan Reporting

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