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Locked [TH] Topics 1.0.2 Patch Level 1 - XenForo 2


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Currently, forums are limited in how they can manage content. Nodes force users to follow a specific path, tags are limited in their ability and generated by users, and when added together they make a complex organizational structure. This means users are spending time trying to find information they are interested in and risk missing relevant content when they could be engaged and interacting in the forum.

The solution is a single real-time content exploring and filtering experience with [TH] Topics. A Topic is a specific item to which something can be filtered. Your users will be able to find relevant content easier, faster, and with Thread Topics in multiple places as well. [TH] Topics will ultimately help enhance content discoverability, create a better user experience, and provide a modern experience.

You can add Node Topics or Thread Topics to improve your forum.

A Node Topic is a dynamic way of organizing threads where threads have one Topic and is a direct relationship with an existing forum node. Node Topics was designed for communities looking to maintain their current organizational structure. Take a look at Selecting Multiple Node Topics.

    Add a widget on your forum to filter content by Node Topic.

    Let users see a list of threads from the Node Topics that interest them.

    Give users a modern and easy system for finding threads with the nodes they are already familiar with.

    Make it easier and faster for users to find content.

    Add it to your forum simply.


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