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Locked Online Reverse Hash Tool v3.3 (ORHT)


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Multi-threaded crawler MD5, MD4, NTLM, MYSQL/MYSQL5, SHA-1/256/384/512, HAVAL-128/160/192, TIGER-128/160/192, WHIRLPOOL, RIPEMD-128/160 hashes to ensure that their online databases, with the ability to add new and edit existing services.


YAP: Pascal

IDES: Delphi 7

Size: 150.9 KB



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[+] Multithreading (up to 1000 threads)

[+] Support for HTTP (S) proxies, SOCKS (4/5)

[+] An opportunity of adding/editing online services

[+] An opportunity to add their data to the database online services [Hash Type: TEXT]

[+] An opportunity of choosing the format of input and output data

[+] An opportunity of file scanning

[+] An opportunity to save the results to the Clipboard, file

[+] An opportunity to download and save the session work

[+] User friendly GUI, detailed statistics, the ability to minimize to tray


The main changes:

-Fixed many minor bugs and errors, optimization of the code, the result is reduced and the size of the program and increased the speed of its work.

-Fixed critical error memory leak (Out of memory). When checking more than ~ 50000 hashes the program crash with an error.

-Fastened very fast library from PasswordsPro hash generation, which increased the number of supported hash types. Now their 18.

-Added support for proxies (HTTP (S), SOCK (4/5)).

-Updated list of online services (services.ini).

-Added a new type of hash in the [TEXT] with its list of services. You can now upload their base with the text in the database of online services (the reply will come the hash).

-Extended options and program settings.


Some tips for using the program:

-When validating large databases of hashes (over 1000) use proxy

-Before using the proxy must čekajte their

-If you have a fast Internet connection, or proxy, it makes sense to reduce the timeout, and vice versa if the Internet and proxy slow increase the timeout value.

-If the number of online services for this type of hash is not large, it makes sense to reduce the number of threads, so as not to burden the service and accordingly that he didn't miss Walid.


Author: xmadstyle

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Re: Online Reverse Hash Tool v3.3 (ORHT)


Looks really good. Would be awesome if this is modular. Need to check what's inside.


// Link dead. Can you please re-upload?

READ RULES http://level23hacktools.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27696&p=55279#post55279

17.-Don't revive old threads.[2 months] OLD Thread

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Re: Online Reverse Hash Tool v3.3 (ORHT)


The requested file (ID# a8987e93) no longer exists on DATAFILEHOST.COM. It was either removed by the owner of the file, removed due to violation of our terms of service, or removed automatically due to inactivity.

It is possible to update the link to file!?

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