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  1. please show us echo $BASH and echo $PATH command result
  2. Termshark is a simple terminal user-interface for tshark, which inspired by Wireshark. View Image [Hidden Content]
  3. web service and api attack examples and demonstration. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  4. Some of the true craftsmanship in the world we take for granted. One of these things is the common tools on Linux, like ps and ls. Even though the commands might be perceived as simple, there is more to it when looking under the hood. This is where ELF or the Executable and Linkable Format comes in. A file format that used a lot, yet truly understood by only a few. Let’s get this understanding with this introduction tutorial! [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. An IMSI catcher is a device commonly used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world to track mobile phones. They are designed to collect and log IMSI numbers, which are unique identifiers assigned to mobile phone subscriptions. Under certain circumstances, IMSI numbers can be linked back to personal identities, which inherently raises a number of privacy concerns. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  6. Welcome to the OSCP resource gold mine. here is important links and guides for OSCP students. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  7. So, this year (2019) Zubin delivered a workshop in PHDays9 on fuzzing. This workshop was mainly focused on an introduction to fuzzing using AFL and ASAN. The prime focus of the workshop would be around the following areas: Fuzzing using SPIKE, blind and input-based fuzzing (AFL), finding memory bugs using ASAN with AFL integration, protocol fuzzing (HTTP, FTP, SMTP). Then we concluded the workshop by showcasing multiple bugs found during their research. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  8. D4rkn3S


    yes bro, but have this error
  9. D4rkn3S


    hi, i have this error when try to login
  10. default user and pass? it's tested? mysql_connect function not work on php7 version..
  11. hi bro, nice bot but builder not work for me, when i test it anyone tested it on kali machine, with last update?
  12. thanks for your answer, bro i mean couldn't come in forum, forum was down and index page was removed, for me, that i was inactive... is here all ok?
  13. hello guys, whats happen here? i cant access forum 30-40 days, except, today, is here all ok? sory to my bad inglish.. thanks.
  14. Pm me so i can share with you some top notch code. ( since you are familiar with bash.)

  15. nice scripts LARA.sh bash818, but when i checked, there links not worked in this script, i modified it and here is working bash script thanks for share

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