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Found 3 results

  1. BruteX is a shell script and automates the process of analyzing one or many targets. BruteX include Nmap,Hydra & DNS enum. Nmap scan opens ports and defines running on the target server service. Thereafter, start Bruteforce FTP, SSH, and other services using the Hydra, and so on. Automatically brute force all services running on a target: Open Ports Usernames Passwords Changelog v2.3 Updated default credentials for Rasberry Pi/Kali [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Brutex is a shell based open source tool to make your work faster. It combines the power of Nmap, Hydra and DNSenum. This tool will automatically run an nmap scan to your target and then it will brute force all the open services for you, such as FTP, SSH and more using Hydra. BruteX ABOUT: Automatically brute force all services running on a target Open ports Usernames Passwords INSTALL: ./ USAGE: brutex target <port> DOCKER: docker build -t brutex . docker run -it brutex target <port> DEMO VIDEO: Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  3. itsMe

    BruteX v2.0

    ABOUT: Automatically brute force all services running on a target Open ports Usernames Passwords CHANGELOG: v2.0 Fixed issue with VNC port v1.9 Updated default credential lists for each service v1.8 Added improved default credential list for each service v1.7 Removed DNS brute forcing v1.7 Added -P0 to NMap scan options v1.6 Removed HTTP/HTTPS basic auth checks to normal scans. Use brutex port <80/443> to scan with that option... v1.5b Fixed issue with dirb v1.5a Removed clear command v1.5 Added v1.5 Fixed SNMP brute force options v1.5 Fixed http/https brute force options v1.4 Removed dirb web directory brute forcing v1.3d Added Fortinet user/pass v1.3d Added DirBuster for web brute forcing v1.3c Fixed error with DNS namelist.txt v1.3b Fixed brutex global DIR issue v1.3a Fixed HTTP proxy brute force options v1.3 added faster scan options for nmap v1.3 revised password brute force lists for more efficient service brute forcing v1.3 added wordlist directory with new wordlist selections v1.2 adds dnsenum / removes DNSDict6 as no longer supported on Kali 2.0 v1.2 removed wfuzz web file brute forcing as it was too error prone and noisy v1.2 adds the ability to specify a port to target (ie. 23 for telnet) to automatically brute force v1.2 added additional ports to scan and brute force v1.2 added additional default users to brute force [Hidden Content]