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——x 11 MODULES x——

1) Combo Slicer slices from line to another with randomize
2) Combo Slicer slices from line to another without randomize
3) Combo Cleaner removes bad, empty and dublicated lines for combo lists
4) Dublicate Remover with randomizing
5) Custom domain @Yahoo only - @gmail only ... you can choose
6) Combo Seperator keep mails, passwords, IP's or phone numbers only in the file
7) Combo Flipper flip for example from E:P to P:E
😎 Custom choose lines with certain regex
9) Capture remover removes the capture from the Hits and keeps only mail:pass or user:pass to recheck
For dorking
10) Steal pagetypes from dorks Get all pagetypes from dorks file
11) Steal pageformats from dorks Gets all pageformats from dorks file

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