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Sandboxie 5.56.3 Multilingual/1.0.13 Plus


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[1.1.3 / 5.56.3] - 2022-06-20

    added group first sorting #1922


    updated Classic UI Swedish translation (thanks pb1)
    restored Plus UI Turkish translation #1419 (thanks fmbxnary)


    fixed issue with recovery window on delete #1948
    fixed double-click issue on path column #1951
    "AllowBoxedJobs=n" is back to the default behaviour as issues were reported #1954
    fixed issue with internet block #1955
    fixed grouping issue in the Plus UI #1950
    fixed issue with CredentialUIBroker.exe on win 11 with win32k hooks #1839
    fixed issue with delete V2 #1939

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