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Locked CockyGrabber v2.2.0


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CockyGrabber is a C# library that simplifies the collection of browser information such as cookies, logins, and more. It is also very easy to use and allows you to capture browser information without any special knowledge.

CockyGrabber v2.2.0 Latest


    Chromium changed to Blink, and Firefox changed to Gecko
    Added BlinkGrabber and GeckoGrabber which replace ChromeGrabber and FirefoxGrabber
    Added Firefox Login Decryption
    Added GrabberException which replaces CookieDatabaseNotFoundException, LoginDatabaseNotFoundException, and LocalStateNotFoundException


    Fixed the bug where you couldn't call the Method GetAllChromiumCookies() with the UniversalGrabber without it throwing an exception when at least one of the Browsers was not installed (same thing goes for GetAllChromiumLogins() and their Get-By equvalents)
    Moved the documentation from Readme.md to the Github Wiki
    Added support for mutliple Profiles on gecko based browsers like Firefox
    Changed Timestamps from long to DateTimeOffset
    Improved the use of the DynamicJsonConverter

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