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Locked WinZip Install Protector Multilingual


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WinZip Install Protector – The program will helps you download and install applications with confidence.

It monitors your download and alerts you when it detects unwanted add-ons. If your installation made adjustments to your browser settings,WinZip Install Protector lets you revert unwanted changes in just a few clicks.

Install with Confidence
• Enjoy worry-free installations of any application with WinZip Install Protector there every step of the way.

Remove Unwanted Browser Add-Ons
• Scan and easily remove sneaky browser add-ons across your Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Hassle-Free Protection
• Designed to stay out of your way, WinZip Install Protector is light on resources and only shows up when something needs your attention.

Trusted and Recommended
• WinZip products come highly recommended as a trusted solution for your PC by industry experts.

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