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Locked Greame RAT v1.5 Final


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Official Site:

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Available functions:

Client Options

- Change the interface (skins)

- Dektop, Webcam an Audio Start Auto...

- and more...


Server Options

- Uninstall

- Disconnect

- Update and more...


Extra options

- Passwords (Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, MSN, and others)

- Open website

- Run commands

- Send files and run

- Download and run

- Proxy (http and https)

- and more...


File Manager

- List files (with information on each)

- Preview image

- Set wallpaper

- Search files on your computer

- and more...


Process Manager

- List active processes (with information on each)

- Kill or pause processes

- and more...


Window Manager

- List active windows (with information on each)

- Close, minimize, restore, change window title

- and more...


Services Manager

- List installed services (with information on each)

- Install

- Uninstall

- and more...


Registry Manager

- Works as Windows Regedit

- Delete keys

- Create keys

- Manage StartUp programs

- and more...


Clipboard Manager

- Manages the contents of the clipboard (text and files) of the computer (Ctrl + C)


Devices list

- Shows all devices available on the computer


Active ports

- List active connections (with information on each)

- Kill connections

- and more...


Command Prompt

- Works like DOS windows



- Restart, Shutdown and Log Off Windows

- Open and close CD / DVD

- Pause mouse

- and more...



- Talk directly to another computer



- Change MSN status


And more, more, more...

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