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Locked YAC [Yet Another Cleaner] Free

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YAC [Yet Another Cleaner] Free


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YAC's Browser Tracking Protection Is Currently Available for Large Daily Users to Stay in Control of Their Privacy As They Browse the Web.


Discover All of the Trackers and Provide Complete Transparency & Control

Clear Browser History to Protect Your Privacy and Block All the Malicious Plug-Ins

Enable to Block Tracking Activity That You Do Not Trust and Allow the Ones That You Do


YAC's Boosting Ball,Speed Up Your PC


YAC's Boosting Ball is a registry cleaner and PC speed optimizer.This product is a must have for PC users!


Remove Junk Files and Update Your PC's Drivers

Prevent Crashes & Freezes and Keep Your PC Fast & Stable

A Free Tool That Detects Errors Which Impact Your PC's Performance


One-Click YAC's Malware Cleaner


YAC's Malware Cleaner is to Secure Your PC Against Viruses and Offer Users Premium Protection from Internet Threats.


Detect and Remove Specific Malware from Your PC

Kill All Infected Running Processes & Delete All Infections from the Disk

A Handy and Efficient Malware Removal Tool for Windows Users


What Is YAC?


All-In-One PC Protection Service with Malware Removal, Outdated Registry&Cookies Cleaner, Privacy Protection and System Cleaning Capabilities.


Why Use YAC?


100% Free and Over 20,000,000 Customers

One-Click Remove New Virus and Malicious Plug-ins

24h Keep Surfing and Shopping Safe Online


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