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Locked Diaphora v3.0 - IDA Python BinDiffing Plugin


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Diaphora is the most advanced program diffing tool (working as an IDA plugin) available as of today (2023). It was released first during SyScan 2015 and has been actively maintained since this year: it has been ported to every single minor version of IDA since 6.8 to 8.3.

Diaphora supports versions of IDA >= 7.4 because the code only runs in Python 3.X (Python 3.11 was the last version being tested).

Unique Features

Diaphora has many of the most common program diffing (bindiffing) features you might expect, like:

    Diffing assembler.
    Diffing control flow graphs.
    Porting symbol names and comments.
    Adding manual matches.
    Similarity ratio calculation.
    Batch automation.
    Call graph matching calculation.
    Dozens of heuristics based on graph theory, assembler, bytes, functions’ features, etc…

However, Diaphora has also many features that are unique, not available in any other public tool. The following is a non extensive list of unique features:

    Ability to port structs, enums, unions and typedefs.
    Support for compilation units (finding and diffing compilation units).
    Microcode support.
    Parallel diffing.
    Pseudo-code based heuristics.
    Pseudo-code patches generation.
    Diffing pseudo-codes (with syntax highlighting!).
    Scripting support (for both the exporting and diffing processes).

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