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Locked OSRipper v0.3 - AV evading OSX Backdoor and Crypter Framework


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OSripper is a fully undetectable Backdoor generator and Crypter which specialises in OSX M1 malware. It will also work on windows but for now, there is no support for it and it IS NOT FUD for windows (yet at least), and for now, I will not focus on windows.


    FUD (for macOS)
    Cloacks as an official app (Microsoft, ExpressVPN, etc)
    Dumps; Sys info, Browser History, Logins, ssh/aws/azure/gcloud creds, clipboard content, local users, etc. (more on Cedric Owens swiftbelt)
    Encrypted communications
    Rootkit-like Behaviour
    Every Backdoor generated is entirely unique


    Add c2
    Double staged Web delivery
    Backdoor pushes data to c2 through POST request
    Add post exploitation Modules? (im not sure if this would be helpful)
    Add shells with modules instead of python meterpreter

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