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Locked Video Downloader and Stories v9.0.2 [Pro]


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Video Downloader and Stories v9.0.2 [Pro]

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Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Video Downloader and Story Saver for Facebook and Instagram - Other features

Get a professional experience for downloading videos and images from popular social media applications, downloading Facebook and Instagram stories, and saving WhatsApp statuses in one application, along with other features.

Our application is free and provides you with an easy and fast experience with an attractive design, in addition to continuous updates.

Using the application is very easy. Just copy the content link of a video or image and paste it in the application, and it will download the content easily. You can also download Facebook stories, Instagram stories, and save WhatsApp statuses.

1. Downloading videos from Facebook is easy with automatic and manual download options from the browser without logging in.
2. Download stories from Facebook. After logging in, you can browse your friends' stories and choose the one you want to download.
3. Download videos, reels, and images from Instagram automatically without logging into your account.
4. Download Instagram stories. After logging in, you can choose the story and download it.
5. Download Instagram profiles in high quality.
6. Save WhatsApp statuses by accessing the application, browsing WhatsApp statuses, and selecting the status you want to download.
7. Download TikTok videos without a watermark quickly by copying and pasting the link in the application.
8. Download videos from other social media applications like Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

Features available in the application:
* Download high-quality Facebook videos
* Story Saver for Facebook
* Download Instagram videos and images
* Download Instagram reels
* Story Saver for Instagram
* Download Instagram profiles in high quality
* Status Saver for WhatsApp
* Status Saver for WhatsApp Business
* Download TikTok videos without a watermark
* Download Likee videos without a watermark
* Download videos from Pinterest
* Download videos from Twitter
* Download stories from Messenger

And more in future updates

The application focuses on the following key points, providing a comprehensive explanation:

Story saver for facebook
The application allows users to download Facebook stories, enabling them to save those stories on their devices. This includes downloading stories in the form of photos or videos, in the highest quality available. Users can preserve their browsing experience of these stories with the best quality.

Video downloader for facebook
Users can download videos from Facebook using this feature. The application offers the option to download videos in both high and low quality. Additionally, users can upload private clips, such as those from collections, allowing them to enjoy this content offline without the need for an internet connection.

Story saver for Instagram
With this feature, the application enables users to download Instagram stories, including photos and videos, in the highest quality available. Moreover, users can download stories that are pinned to their profiles, ensuring they can keep and enjoy these stories at a later time.

Video and photos downloader for Instagram
This functionality allows users to download videos and clips from Instagram, ensuring they can save them on their devices. The application supports high-quality downloads, providing an optimal viewing experience. Furthermore, users can upload multiple images, expanding their ability to save and enjoy various types of content.

Overall, the application provides a convenient solution for downloading and saving stories, photos, and videos from both Facebook and Instagram, offering high-quality downloads and ensuring users can enjoy their favorite content offline.

Please note that the application is not affiliated with Facebook in any way but is merely a helper tool.

We respect the copyrights of their owners, so please do not repost videos without permission from their owners.

We appreciate your feedback and welcome any suggestions to add more features and improve the application. Please feel free to contact us via email.

Mod Info:

  • Pro Features Unlocked
  • Multi Languages
  • CPUs: universal
  • Debug Info Removed
  • Original Signature Changed

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