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Tier 1: Incognito Mode — This might sound like bs but websites can know which websites you previously visited since your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) stores cookies and caches. Incognito mode helps you start a fresh blank page. Or if you want you can just wipe all browsing data every time you finish browsing the web.

Tier 2: Private Search Engine — We all love Google, but unfortunately they store your search data every time you enter something. So yeah they know you googled “furry porn” 20 times today Cool thing is some search engines offer entirely private searching like DuckDuckGo.

Tier 3: Private Browser — Browsers like Chrome and Firefox (untweaked) allow third-party cookies and caches to access the website you are on and they let you access unencrypted websites (unsafe). Private browsers like Brave or the infamous TOR make sure that third-parties cannot access the websites you’re browsing, and also they automatically encrypt all unsafe websites into HTTPS.

Tier 4: MAC Address Changer — A MAC Address identifies your physical device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) So you might want to download something like TechnitiumMAC to change your MAC Address and make the Internet think you’re browsing with a toaster.

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