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Locked Discord Bot Studio 2.1.2 - The easiest way to make Discord bots


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Bot Studio for Discord

The easiest way to make Discord bots.

How it works

The drag and drop editor makes it simple to create the perfect bot for your servers, no coding required!

Build bots using a flowchart-style editor


    Build your own bots effortlessly using a flowchart-style editor, no coding required!

    Custom responses can be connected to command and event nodes.

    Create actions that will run when various server events occur, such as a new user joining the server.

    Pre-built elements get your bot up and running quickly.

    Third-party mods can be added to enhance your bot's functionality.

    Configure rules to prevent spam.

    Download your bot's code. This means you can host it on your computer, on a VPS, or on a hosting site like Heroku.

    Invite your bot(s) to your own servers, or share them with the world.

Examples of bot functionality

    Text / chat commands

    Welcome messages

    Kick and ban commands

    Create and delete channel commands

    Give or remove roles from server members

    Purge (mass delete) messages

    User XP system

    Dice roll command

    Create databases (such as a Pokedex) using data from spreadsheets

    Send custom embed menus

    Create role reaction menus with custom responses to each reaction



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