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"Malware" refers to malicious software designed to perform harmful actions by targeting computer systems. Malware can infect users' computers, networks or mobile devices and perform various malicious activities.


Virus: Malicious software that spreads to computer systems and can replicate itself. They spread by infecting files and programs and often corrupt files or cause system damage.

Trojan Horse (Trojan): Trojan horses are malicious software that sneak into users' computers and perform harmful actions without the user's consent. Trojans can download spyware or other malware, steal personal information, or gain remote access to a user's computer.

Worm: Worms are malicious software that spreads rapidly over the network and replicates itself. Worms can automatically infect other devices on the network and often overload network traffic, slowing or crashing the system.

Spyware: Spyware is malicious software that works secretly on a user's computer or mobile device, monitoring the user's activities and stealing personal information. Spyware can log keyboard inputs, monitor websites browsed, or steal user's sensitive information.

Ransomware: Ransomware

These are just examples of some common types of malware, and there are many more. Malware is a problem that threatens the security of computer users and institutions. Using up-to-date antivirus software, security software and updates, taking precautions such as conscious internet use and not opening suspicious files, malware

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