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Locked Windows 11 22H2 Pro Lite Ultimate Neon


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You often ask to add a build that will have a non-standard theme at its core, while no one wants super-ruffles, beautiful and tasteful. Actually, in connection with the release of the new version of this edition, I hasten to add and introduce you to Windows 11 22H2 Pro Lite Ultimate Neon, which is free to download without torrent distributions, as always, below in the news - the ISO image takes up only 2.7 GB and the system writes to any flash drive without any problems, and then automatic installation is performed without your participation. On the SSD, I had the whole process from booting to unpacking took about 5 minutes, agree a bit, given that I didn't actually do anything, a fully automated process. As a result, I got a beautiful assembly, which is pleasant not only to look at, but also to work on, and all the innovations, in terms of icons, a new menu at the bottom, themes and wallpapers, did not adversely affect in any way, as for me, so the balance is perfectly observed.

I will write right away that after recording the Windows 11 22H2 Pro Lite system to a USB drive and downloading, you will need to choose an edition for unpacking and further installation. Speaking of editions, I do not mean Pro or not Pro, you will have to choose whether you want to see Windows Defender or not, I always choose that it is not required, well, simply because I consider myself a more or less experienced user who understands where he sits, what he downloads and what he launches. If you are not confident in yourself, then of course you should leave the defender, after all, there is no protection, and no one forbids installing your antivirus program on top.

Installing Windows 11 Lite Ultimate is performed only on a formatted hard drive partition, that is, you do not need to try to unpack the image and install using this method, you do not need to try to update Windows that you already have, put only on a new partition. I have already written above that the installation process is automatic. You do not need to specify the username (changes later), you do not need to specify the mail, specify the key, select the Internet mode, in general, you don't have to twist any checkboxes and sliders, thanks for this separately, you can just select the disk and go do your business. Two reboots and use. At the first start, you need to wait literally a minute and a half, all tweaks will be applied, services will be turned off, general optimization will be performed, you can get to work.

Release date: June 3, 2023
System version: Windows 11 (22621.1778) Lite Ultimate Neon
Bit depth: 64 bits
Interface language: English + installation of any localization
Windows 11 Activation: Done
Windows 11 ISO Size: 2.7 GB

Requirements to work with Windows 11 22H2 Pro Lite: processor with two cores and a frequency of at least 1 GHz, RAM 2 GB minimum and preferably 4, 20 gigabytes of free space is required on the hard drive, DX9 support, complete bypass of TPM, RAM and other requirements

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