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A handy tool that can restore windows to their last known positions on that display whenever you are connecting or disconnecting additional displays.

If you are using multiple monitors that you need to connect and disconnect, then chances are that you experienced the unpleasant situation when all your windows reposition or disappear completely. While in theory, the desktop should not be affected in any way, sometimes it just happens, which can be frustrating if you were working on something important.

RestoreWindowPos is a tool designed to deal with this particular issue, as it detects connected and disconnected displays and restores them to their last known position.

The tool takes snapshots of the last known windows’ positions

Following a quick and uneventful installation, you can access the application from the System Tray. The tool doesn’t come with an interface, but rather allows you to configure two options regarding its functionality. More precisely, you can set the frequency the app should take snapshots of your desktop as well as how often the screenshots should be saved.

The developer warns that the tool is still in its early stages, so there is a chance that not all windows will be restored to their original size and position. Hopefully this is going to be addressed in the future.

A utility that helps keep the windows’ positions on the desktop

One way you can try to find the missing window is to use the Alt+Tab command so you can toggle through all opened windows. Afterwards, you can use the Alt+Space shortcut along with pressing the M key so that you can move the window to where you want on your desktop. If you are using Windows 11, then the shortcuts are Win key + Tab and you should be able to view, close and move any window.

RestoreWindowPosr can come in handy for anyone using multiple monitors and that recurrently have to deal with missing windows when connecting and disconnecting a display.

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