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Locked JEB Decompiler [Cracked by CXV]


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Reverse Engineering for Professionals.
Decompile and debug binary code. Break down and analyze document files.
Android Dalvik, Intel x86, ARM, MIPS, RISC-V, S7 PLC, Java, WebAssembly & Ethereum Decompilers.

This is JEB Decompiler as cracked by CXV,

Requirements: JDK 11.0.X 64 bit, 64-bit OS

Mod by CXV

Press Generate a Key in welcome window

- fix all integrity checks\timebomb
- Time-limited sessions fixed
- Requires an Internet connection fixed
- dexdec: fix string decrypt via emulation
- dexdec: instruction conversion recovered
- gui: Usage of the clipboard is disallowed fixed
- jdb2: Saving or loading projects is disabled fixed
- android debug enabled
- avrdec: decompiler enabled
- Decompiler exporter fixed
- callgraph enabled

Increase available RAM in jvm up to 4gb:
rename jvmopt.txt.TEMPLATE -> jvmopt.txt

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