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The best community of active hackers. This community has been working in hacking for more than 10 years.

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Hacker from all countries join this community to share their knowledge and their hacking tools


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    You can find thousands of tools shared by hackers. RAT's, Bot's, Crypters FUD, Stealers, Binders, Ransomware,, Mallware, Virus, Cracked Accounts, Configs, Guides, Videos and many other things.


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      2. itsMe

        Metasploit: 5.0.23

        Introduction The Metasploit Framework is an open source Ruby-based penetration testing and development platform, developed by the open source community and Rapid7, that provides you with access to the huge number of exploits, payloads, shellcodes, encoders, fuzzing tools, and much more. Metasploit Framework (Rapid7) Metasploit Framework: The Most Used Penetration Testing Framework Metasploit Framework can be used to test security vulnerabilities, enumerate networks, execute attacks, and evade detection. It simply helps you to find, exploit, and validate vulnerabilities. If you are a pentester, cybersecurity researcher, tester, programmer or freestyler, the Metasploit Framework is all you need. Can be used for both legitimate and unauthorized activities, but we’re strongly suggest you to behave, and use this awesome pentesting framework to test your systems, help attack prevention and rise cybersecurity awareness. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
      3. Email:pass proxy yes bots 30/50 [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
      4. User:pass proxy yes bots 30/50 [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
      5. Today
      6. itsMe

        THC-Hydra: hydra v9.0

        The great THC-HYDRA tool compiled for Windows [Hidden Content]
      7. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
      8. 1337day-Exploits

        Exploits Windows Installer Race Condition

        Windows installer suffers from a race condition that can allow for privilege escalation. View the full article
      9. This program has been created by dEEpEst --- RELEASES VERSION --- This version is version 2.0.0 has just been born --- DESCRIPTION --- This software is a remote administration tool --- LINKS --- [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]/hackers/topic/44370-ares-rat-v100/ [Hidden Content]/hackers/topic/44869-ares-rat-v121 In contruccioon .... --- TUTORIALS AND MANUALS --- [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] In contruccioon .... --- AUTHORS --- [Hidden Content]/hackers/profile/1-deepest/ --- DONATE --- You can always help us by sending any amount to one of these accounts [Hidden Content]/hackers/clients/donations/ In contruccioon .... --- COPYRIGHT --- Its free distribution is allowed as long as the credits and links are respected --- UPDATE VERSION --- ARES RAT v2.0.0 --- WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSION --- Proxy Reverse Checked Proxy It was repaired sight flags by countries Was added "sqlite3" missing library Was added two styles darks //:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::// --- UPDATE VERSION --- ARES RAT v1.2.1 --- WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSION --- Was added missing style library Changed target platform in ATENEA.exe (server) for NET. Framework 2.0 It was repaired active firewall tester //:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::// --- TITLE & VERSION --- ARES RAT v1.0.0 --- DESCRIPTION --- ARES RAT is a remote administration tool. We can remotely control other computers millions of kilometers away. Things like viewing files, downloading them, changing registers, running programs, watching webcam, stealing BTC, stealing passwords, registering keystrokes, launching Ddos attacks, and many other things. --- FEATURES --- File Manager Remote Desktop Remote Cam Remote Shell Process Manager Run File from Disck Run File from Link Regedit Start Process Stop Process Run Script Notify Chat Keylooger Get Password Stealer Bitcoin DDos Atack Bypass UAC Disable/Enable Windows OFF Shutdown Restart IExplorer Home Page Windows Update ON/OFF Desktop Icons Show/Hide Taskbar Show/Hide Sound Mute/UnMute Sound Beep Speak Computer Play Music Hidden Error Sound CMD Enable/Disable CD Open/Close Clock Show/Hide Keyboard Block/UnBlock Mouse Reverse/Normal Cursor Show/Hide Monitor Turn Off/On Task Manager Enable/Disable Registry Enable/Disable System Restore Enable/Disable Open Website Get ClipBoard Copi IP User Info Computer Info Server Rename Server Update Server Closed/Restart Server Uninstall Extras Port Listen Password Lenguage (Only English) Change Styles Port Scanner IP Grabber Spoofer No-IP Binder Mutex Persistence Hide After Run Melt After Run Startup Copy folder temp Directory server Install Server folders Injection Svchost Antis Spread USB Block VirusTotal Change Icon Logs --- DISCLAIMERS --- You can use and distribute this tool freely, keep in mind that this tool is designed for student use and that you are responsible for the misuse that could be given. --- BUGS --- All the bugs can be repeated anywhere in the "About" tab, and I will try to correct it as soon as possible. --- PERSONAL NOTE --- For a long life for this warrior! Happy hacking! Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
      10. Yesterday
      11. Cryptos

        THC-Hydra: hydra v9.0

        Hello ! Do you have a ready-made compiled application for windows? Very little information about compiling source code. I can't compile using msys
      12. Bipo


        What do you thing about Thefatrat on Linux ....Did this steel a good tools ?
      13. Proxy: Yes - GOOD PROXIES OR SOCKS Bots: 150 [Hidden Content]
      14. [HIDE][Hidden Content]] HQ Config Pack [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
      15. [Hidden Content]
      16. Quest KACE Systems Management Appliance versions 9.0 and below suffer from a cross site scripting vulnerability. View the full article
      17. Opencart versions and below extension/feed/google_base remote denial of service proof of concept exploit. View the full article
      18. Security issues have been found in the Anviz M3 RFID Access Control device when working in standalone mode connected to a TCP/IP network that could lead to access control bypass and private information leakage and alteration. View the full article
      19. 1337day-Exploits

        Exploits Nagios XI 5.6.1 SQL Injection

        Nagios XI version 5.6.1 suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability. View the full article
      20. Proof of concept exploit for an elevation of privilege vulnerability that exists in Windows when the Win32k component fails to properly handle objects in memory. View the full article
      21. Interspire Email Marketer version 6.20 suffers from a remote code execution vulnerability in surveys_submit.php. View the full article
      22. Internet Explorer 11 exploit that allows attackers to execute JavaScript with higher system access than is normally permitted by the browser sandbox. View the full article
      23. Angry Polar Bear 2 is a Microsoft Windows error reporting privilege escalation exploit. View the full article
      24. itsMe


        Bienvenido al foro 🙂
      25. ZeroDayF34r


        Holaa a tod@s, un placer estar aqui, compartir conocimientos y postear lo que pueda, pues no todos lo merecen ni todo el mundo deveria tener acceso a esa informacion, en mi modesta opinion el conocimiento es lo mas valioso que hay en este mundo, y como a mi nadie me ha regalado nada, y lo prefiero...........................pues asi eh aprendido mucho mas que si me ayudaran, pues tengo gente que tiene conocimientos muuuuchisimo mas avanzados que yo, POR ESO, QUIEN QUIERA COMPARTIR CONOCIMIENTOS, PUEDE HABLARME POR PRIVADO O PEDIR ME JABBER MI ICQ, MI SECMAIL, MI CLAVE PGP, ETC. MIS CONOCIMIENTOS SON LIMITADOS EN COMPARACION CON EL RESTO DEL FORO, PERO SI QUE TENGO UNA BUENA BASE, EN CUANTO A EXPLOITS, YA SEA ANDROID, WINDOWS, ETC, TAMBIEN CARDING, PUES TUBE QUE APRENDER PARA SABER DEL TEMA, YA QUE ME ENCANTA LA SEGURIDAD DE SISTEMAS, POR ESO ME SAQUE EL MODULO DE SEGURIDAD, Y AHORA PUES ESTOY CON UN MASTER EN PROGRAMACION JAVASCRIPT, PHP, MySQL..........TAMBIEN DISEÑO WEB, Y GRAFICO, COSA QUE NO ME INTERESA TANTO Y YA SABIA. MUCHAS GRACIAS POR DARME LA OPORTUNIDAD DE PARTICIPAR EN EL FORO, Y BUENO, POCO A POCO, NOS IREMOS CONOCIENDO, DISCULPEN MI ORTOGRAFIA, LO MIO SON LOS NUMEROS, COMO TODOS AQUI SUPONGO, UN SALUDO. llevo unos dias sin dormir mucho, es posible que me olvide de algo, no tengo mas tiempo ahroa mismo. ATENTAMENTE: ZeroDAyF34r
      26. NetAware version 1.20 Share Name and Add Block denial of service proof of concept exploits. View the full article
      27. [Hidden Content]
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