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  2. 70+ PREMIUM FEATURES Explore the diverse and powerful features of Shrine Pro to enhance over 70 unique aspects of your online store experience. Section Dividers Customize your store's layout with our unique section dividers, which offer an array of random shapes to highlight each section of your website. Sections Group Merge any two sections of your site with our Sections Group feature, enabling seamless integration and creative layout possibilities for your store. Hero Banners Capture your audience's attention with striking hero banners, perfect for showcasing products and promotions in a visually compelling way. 4 Hover Button Effects Enhance user engagement with four hover button effects, each designed to add an interactive and visually appealing touch to your site's buttons. DEMO [Hidden Content] SOURCE [Hidden Content] Download [hide][Hidden Content]] Password level23hacktools.com
  3. dEEpEst

    x96 Shells

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  4. CVE-2024-27815 is a buffer overflow in the XNU kernel that was reported in sbconcat_mbufs. It was publicly fixed in xnu-10063.121.3, released with macOS 14.5, iOS 17.5, and visionOS 1.2. This bug was introduced in xnu-10002.1.13 (macOS 14.0/ iOS 17.0) and was fixed in xnu-10063.121.3 (macOS 14.5/ iOS 17.5). The bug affects kernels compiled with CONFIG_MBUF_MCACHE.View the full article
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  6. jSQL Injection is a lightweight application used to find database information from a server. Fix issue with non ASCII domain names (punycode compatibility) Allow restricted headers: connection, content-length, expect, host, upgrade Handle incorrect URI and header, empty csrf token, out of memory error, concurrent modification Use default encoding instead of system encoding Upgrade version dependencies Validate jdk21 compatibility [hide][Hidden Content]]
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  8. 400K gmail combo , country united states Priv 400 000 combo lines US [Hidden Content]
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  10. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Bagisto version 2.1.2 suffers from a client-side template injection vulnerability.View the full article
  12. User Registration and Management System version 3.2 suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability that allows for authentication bypass.View the full article
  13. where are we back in 2007/8! this is your fifth post talking about the something and asking the something. All you have to do is go to Remote Administrator section and check the new updated post and use the latest rats that are posted recently and stop wasting your and everyone else time. We don't do discussion on this site.
  14. Which button doesn't work? Can you show images?
  15. [Hidden Content] Telegram Channel: @databasefromstorm My telegram: @BrowzData
  16. I can't even navigate the site correctly as the buttons do not work when clicking on them.
  17. 🖥️Darkcomet Rat is the best rat ever during its time. My question is "is it Darkcomet still working for hacking on Windows 11 and window 10"? if not its ok. As i am not an up to date person i don't know which Rat sofware are up to date and very good for windows 11 and windows 10, if you can give me suggestion on which RAT is good for 2024 i will be very thankful to you guys. best regards, chhurabura. 💓
  18. AppSpider Pro AppSpider Pro is a desktop solution that scans web and mobile applications for vulnerabilities. AppSpider dynamically assesses these applications for vulnerabilities across all modern technologies, provides tools that speed remediation, and monitors applications for changes. How AppSpider Scans work AppSpider requires basic information about their target applications, such as the name and the base URL. AppSpider then visits the target application and performs the following actions: Registration Tutorial: After installing the Program, Step 1 is to get your reference code, open license and click on this "Using a License Key" Copy Reference Code, go to the Telegram channel to generate your key. Use ucare's appspider keygen bot! in Telegram Channel. [Hidden Content] *That's it, you will have the latest version registered, I tried to make the tutorial as easy as possible to explain it. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. This Metasploit module exploits a PHP CGI argument injection vulnerability affecting PHP in certain configurations on a Windows target. A vulnerable configuration is locale dependant (such as Chinese or Japanese), such that the Unicode best-fit conversion scheme will unexpectedly convert a soft hyphen (0xAD) into a dash (0x2D) character. Additionally a target web server must be configured to run PHP under CGI mode, or directly expose the PHP binary. This issue has been fixed in PHP 8.3.8 (for the 8.3.x branch), 8.2.20 (for the 8.2.x branch), and 8.1.29 (for the 8.1.x branch). PHP 8.0.x and below are end of life and have note received patches. XAMPP is vulnerable in a default configuration, and we can target the /php-cgi/php-cgi.exe endpoint. To target an explicit .php endpoint (e.g. /index.php), the server must be configured to run PHP scripts in CGI mode.View the full article
  20. Apache OFBiz versions prior to 18.12.13 are vulnerable to a path traversal vulnerability. The vulnerable endpoint /webtools/control/forgotPassword allows an attacker to access the ProgramExport endpoint which in turn allows for remote code execution in the context of the user running the application.View the full article
  21. PowerVR suffers from an out-of-bounds write of firmware addresses in PVRSRVRGXKickTA3DKM().View the full article
  22. PowerVR suffers from an uninitialized memory disclosure and crash due to out-of-bounds reads in hwperf_host_%d stream.View the full article
  23. Microweber version 2.0.15 suffers from a persistent cross site scripting vulnerability.View the full article
  24. Backdoor.Win32.Plugx malware suffers from an insecure permissions vulnerability.View the full article
  25. Cloudflare Warp+Speed | Unlimited | For 5 Devices | 18.06.2024 [Hidden Content]
  26. Progressive Web App (PWA) Phishing Attack Scenario A user lands on index.html and clicks the "Install Microsoft Application" button. The install app prompt appears and once it is installed by the user, the JavaScript embedded in index.html redirects the PWA window to the phishing page that hase a fake URL bar at the top (i.e. mrd0x.html). Ensure that you're testing this over HTTPS to avoid encountering issues. Files index.html - Landing page that has an "Install Microsoft Application" button. manifset.json - The PWA manifest file. service-worker.js - The PWA service worker. mrd0x.html - This is a sample Microsoft phishing page that has a fake URL bar at the top of the page. styles.css - CSS stylesheet. submit.php - Simple PHP file that logs the credentials entered on the Microsoft phishing page. Usage This repository is simply to demonstrate how PWA phishing works. Don't use it for illegal purposes. A PWA Phishing template which was explained here: [hide][Hidden Content]] Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
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