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  3. The uninstaller in Fortra Digital Guardian Agent versions prior to 7.9.4 suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability. Additionally, the Agent Uninstaller handles sensitive data insecurely and caches the Uninstall key in memory. This key can be used to stop or uninstall the application. This allows a locally authenticated attacker with administrative privileges to disable the application temporarily or even remove the application from the system completely.View the full article
  4. etcd-browser version 87ae63d75260 suffers from a directory traversal vulnerability.View the full article
  5. Loytec LINX-151 with firmware version 7.2.4 and LINX-212 with firmware version 6.2.4 suffer from file disclosure vulnerabilities that leak secrets as well as issues with stories secrets in the clear.View the full article
  6. Loytec LINX Configurator version 7.4.10 suffers from insecure transit and cleartext hardcoded secret vulnerabilities.View the full article
  7. A dangling pointer vulnerability is present in WebRTC's PacketRouter due to an SDP SIM group SSRC from one track (e.g., video) colliding with an existing SSRC from a different track (e.g., audio). This inconsistency between the send_modules_map_ and the send_modules_list_ can lead to a use after free.View the full article
  8. m-privacy TightGate-Pro suffers from code execution, insecure permissions, deletion mitigation, and outdated server vulnerabilities.View the full article
  9. SmartNode SN200 versions 3.21.2-23021 and below suffer from a remote command execution vulnerability.View the full article
  10. the known and powerfull android RAT, Craxs RAT has become the most powerfull android RAT since (in my opinion), but the drawbacks are it cannot bypass Google Play Protect, easy to use and build client nice ui & ux, overall not bad for this android RAT
  11. It's probably the RAT with the most and amazing features, and it's probably the most advanced rat lol.
  12. and again, always some random Russian guy making another powerfull and advance RAT, third place for the best RAT after Orcus RAT and XWORM RAT
  13. Steps: Create a new mega account with tempmail, verify it and login on your new MEGA account To run the script you first need to add the Google Extension Tampermonkey to your browser Click on the Tampermonkey Icon from your browser and choose the “Create a New Script” This will open up the Script Editor. Delete all of the content that is already prepopulated Now copy the script from the pastebin link below: [Hidden Content] And paste it into the Tampermonkey userscript section. Then click file & save Now just make sure that it’s enabled and you’re all set As long as there’s a remaining space in your cloud, you can import any link bypassing the 50GB limit. This script works only from imported links.
  14. OpenBullet Cookie Edition 1.3.1 Found bugs were fixed. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. _________ ___________ __ _ __ / ____/ |/_ __/ ___/____ / /___ (_) /_ / / / /| | / / \__ \/ __ \/ / __ \/ / __/ / /___/ ___ |/ / ___/ / /_/ / / /_/ / / /_ \____/_/ |_/_/ /____/ .___/_/\____/_/\__/ /_/ [*] Connecting to cats-server [*] Done. [*] Initializing server [*] Done. catsploit> CATSploit is an automated penetration testing tool using the Cyber Attack Techniques Scoring (CATS) method that can be used without a pentester. Currently, pentesters implicitly make the selection of suitable attack techniques for target systems to be attacked. CATSploit uses system configuration information such as OS, open ports, and software version collected by the scanner and calculates a score value for capturing eVc and detectability eVd of each attack technique for the target system. By selecting the highest score values, it is possible to select the most appropriate attack technique for the target system without a hack knack(professional pentester’s skill). [hide][Hidden Content]]
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