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      SAS (Advance RAT)[Android][Windows] + Setup Tutorial

      34 posts in this topic

      hace 3 horas, elchapo95 dijo:

      hallo deep sry for answer , the activation key not vailid... this program not cracked?

      @elchapo95  for activation key click on "Community Edition" and enter your email , select your country.
      Default server password : toor
      See tutorial videos 

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       dont work

      login detail not work... mi detail is correct!!!!!

      Edited by elchapo95
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          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. - A folder named `RATAttack` will be created in your working directory containing `keylogs.txt` and any files you upload to the bot.
          When using the below commands; use / as a prefix. For example: /pc_info.
          arp - display arp table capture_pc - screenshot PC cmd_exec - execute shell command cp - copy files cd - change current directory delete - delete a file/folder download - download file from target decode_all - decode ALL encoded local files dns - display DNS Cache encode_all - encode ALL local files freeze_keyboard - enable keyboard freeze unfreeze_keyboard - disable keyboard freeze get_chrome - Get Google Chrome's login/passwords hear - record microphone ip_info - via ipinfo.io keylogs - get keylogs ls - list contents of current or specified directory msg_box - display message box with text mv - move files pc_info - PC information ping - makes sure target is up play - plays a youtube video proxy - opens a proxy server pwd - show current directory python_exec - interpret python reboot - reboot computer run - run a file schedule - schedule a command to run at specific time self_destruct - destroy all traces shutdown - shutdown computer tasklist - display services and processes running to - select targets by it's name update - update executable wallpaper - change wallpaper You can copy the above to update your command list via BotFather so you don't have to type them manually.
          How To Compile:
          Replace your path in compileAndRun.bat (running this will actually run the executable) Or:
          Run `pyinstaller --onefile --noconsole C:\path\to\RATAttack.py`. You can also pass `--icon=<path\to\icon.ico>` to use any custom icon. Once it is compiled successfully, find the .exe file in C:\Python27\Scripts\dist\. You can change the name of the .exeto anything you wish. BEWARE! If you run the compiled .exe, the script will hide itself and infect your PC to run at startup. You can return to normal by using the /self_destruct option or manually removing C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Portal directory and C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\portal.lnk (although I recommend removing them manually for the time being). Modifying Settings:
          You can also modify the name of hidden .exe file and location & name of the folder where the hidden .exe will hide itself. To do this; modify compiled_name and hide_folder respectively. Assign your known chat ids to beginning of RATAttack.py Notes:
          Currently only Python2 is supported. Python3 support will be added soon! Contributing:
          This project is still in very early stages, so you can expect some bugs. Please feel free to report them! Even better, send a pull request :) Any new features and ideas are most welcome! Please do submit feature requests by creating Issues Disclaimer:
          This tool is supposed to be used only on authorized systems. Any unauthorized use of this tool without explicit permission is illegal.
          The MIT License
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