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The best community of active hackers. This community has been working in hacking for more than 10 years.


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Hacker from all countries join this community to share their knowledge and their hacking tools

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    You can find thousands of tools shared by hackers. RAT's, Bot's, Crypters FUD, Stealers, Binders, Ransomware, Mallware, Virus, Cracked Accounts, Configs, Guides, Videos and many other things.


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      Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.3 XML Injection

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        • By itsMe

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          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Project SECURITY is a powerful website security app that will protect your website from hackers, attacks and other threats. It will protect your website from SQLi Attacks (SQL Injections), XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy Visitors, VPN Visitors, TOR Visitors, Spam and many other types of threats.
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        • By itsMe

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          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. jSQL Injection is a lightweight application used to find database information from a distant server. It is free, open-source, and cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).
          It is also part of the official penetration testing distribution Kali Linux and is included in other distributions like Pentest Box, Parrot Security OS, ArchStrike, or BlackArch Linux.
          This software is developed using great open-source libraries like Spring, Spock, and Hibernate, and it uses the platform Travis CI for continuous integration.
          Each program update is tested with Java version 8 through 13 in the cloud, against various MySQL, PostgreSQL, and H2 databases. Source code is open to pull requests and to any contribution on multi-threading, devops, unit and integration tests, and optimization.
              Automatic injection of 23 kinds of databases: Access, CockroachDB, CUBRID, DB2, Derby, Firebird, H2, Hana, HSQLDB, Informix, Ingres, MaxDB, Mckoi, MySQL{MariaDb}, Neo4j, NuoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata and Vertica     Multiple injection strategies: Normal, Error, Blind and Time     SQL Engine to study and optimize SQL expressions     Injection of multiple targets     Search for administration pages     Creation and visualization of Web shell and SQL shell     Read and write files on the host using injection     Bruteforce of password’s hash     Code and decode a string Changelog jSQL Injection v0.85
              Compliance to Java 17
              Switch to native HttpClient

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        • By itsMe

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          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. SniperPhish
          SniperPhish is a phishing toolkit for pentester or security professionals to enhance user awareness by simulating real-world phishing attacks. SniperPhish helps to combine both phishing emails and phishing websites you created to centrally track user actions. The tool is designed in a view of performing professional phishing exercises and would be reminded to take prior permission from the targeted organization to avoid legal implications.
          Main Features
              Web tracker code generation – track your website visits and form submissions independently
              Create and schedule Phishing mail campaigns
              Combine your phishing site with an email campaign for centrally tracking
              An independent “Simple Tracker” module for quick tracking an email or web page visit
              Advance report generation – generate reports based on the tracking data you needed
              Custom tracker images and dynamic QR codes in messages
              Track phishing message replies

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        • By itsMe

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          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. S.O.S Security Suite – The program is a free, user friendly application that helps you to get rid of Malware, Adware and Spyware, and also prevent from being infected. There is also a hardware and security flaws detection element and a system optimization module. All these features together bring you what the application’s initials stand for: A Safer and Optimal System.
          S.O.S Security Suite is the successor to UVK and is designed to help you eliminate Malware, Adware, and Spyware and help prevent you from being infected.
          It also includes a hardware and security flaw detection element and a system optimization module that, when combined with its other features, enables you to have a Safer and Optimal System – thus S.O.S.
          S.O.S Security Suite should be used alongside your full-service antivirus app of choice like Malwarebytes and should be considered another layer of protection for your machine. As mentioned above, it includes a system flaw detection module that will notify you about any software or hardware-related issues and then help fix them.
          The included System Optimization module will help keep you safe by ensuring that you have the best privacy, performance, and reliability for your system. S.O.S. Security Suite can either be installed as a portable tool or an installer; the option is given during install.
          It also provides you with a threat scan. It has a System Immunization and Execute section that will prevent work by preventing threats from being executed instead of just blocking them when they are being executed. You can also whitelist apps easily.
          SOS’s interface is easy-to-navigate but packed with useful features and includes a link to an online help section if you get stuck. S.O.S Security Suite appears to be by all accounts a decent tool in the ongoing fight against malware, etc.

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        • By itsMe

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          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Master Top Techniques Used by Hackers, Get Hands-on Practical Exercises to "Know the Enemy" and Secure Your Apps.
          What you'll learn
              Web Security Fundamentals
              OWASP Top 10 Hacking Techniques
              Cyber Security
              Penetration Testing
              Bug Bounty
              Application Security
              SQL injection
              Cross-site Scripting XSS
              Cross-site Request Forgery CSRF
              Sensitive Data Exposure
              Weak Authentication
              Basic networking concepts
          *** Continuously Updated ***
          Welcome to "Ultimate Guide to Web Application Security OWASP Top Attacks"
          In this course, we will explore together the most common attacks against web applications, referred to as OWASP TOP 10, and learn how to exploit these vulnerabilities so that you have a solid background in order to protect your assets. You will:
          - Discover OWASP Top attacks and how they are performed and the tricks and techniques related to them.
          - Do extensive exercises on DVWA (Damn Vulnerable Web Application) and OWASP BWA (Broken Web Applications) to see in actual practice how to attack live systems and what goes on behind the scenes.
          - Learn to get information about a target domain and search for potential victims.
          - See the tools most used by hackers of all levels grouped in one place; the Kali Linux distribution.
          - Code some of your own scripts to get you started with advanced penetration where you will need to forge you own tools.
          DISCLAIMER: This course is for educational purposes only. Use at your own risk. You must have an explicit authorization to use these techniques and similar ones on assets not owned by you. The author holds no legal responsibility whatsoever for any unlawful usage leveraging the techniques and methods described in this course.
          If you like the course, please give a rating and recommend to you friends.
          Who this course is for:
              IT Security practitioner
              Network Engineer
              Network Security Specialist
              Cyber Security Manager
              Penetration Tester
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