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      Worldwide IP Range Lookup and Range Finders etc

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      This is a IP Tool kit its the central backbone of IPs on the whole internet ! You can Find any sort of company to IP to IP ranges that run certain OS for hackign and scanning i use for !

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        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. dnSpy is a tool to reverse engineer .NET assemblies. It includes a decompiler, a debugger and an assembly editor (and more) and can be easily extended by writing your own extension. It uses dnlib to read and write assemblies so it can handle obfuscated assemblies (eg. malware) without crashing.
              Open Source (GPLv3) and Free Forever (:TM:)
              Assembly Editor
                  Use C# or Visual Basic to edit any method, property and event
                  Code editor has IntelliSense (code completion, signature help, quick info)
                  Whole classes can be added to assemblies by adding C# and Visual Basic code
                  Edit all metadata of types (classes), methods, properties, events, fields
                  Add, remove, rename any type (class), method, property, event, field
                  Edit, add, remove .NET resources and save them to disk
                  The IL editor allows editing method bodies at the IL level: IL instructions, locals, exception handlers
                  Debug any .NET assembly, no source code required
                  Set breakpoints in any assembly, including framework assemblies, assemblies in the GAC and assemblies existing only in memory
                  Memory window
                  Output window
                  Attach to process
                  Locals window
                      raw contents of locals (eg. decrypted byte arrays) can be saved to disk
                  Call Stack window
                  Threads window
                  Modules window
                      Modules (eg. decrypted in-memory modules) can be saved to disk
                  Exception Settings
                  Can debug dynamic assemblies
                  Debugging CoreCLR assemblies is supported
              Decompile to C#, Visual Basic, IL
              Themes: blue, dark, light (and high contrast)
              Supports smaller screens (eg. laptops)
                  Line height can be optimized for smaller screens
                      Blank and non-alphanumeric lines are 75% the normal height
                      No extra spacing between lines (saves 1 vertical pixel per line)
                  Menu and toolbar share the same line
                  Full screen mode (Shift+Alt+Enter) saves some vertical pixels
              High DPI support and per-monitor DPI-aware
              Translated to several languages
              Highly extensible
                  Write your own extensions and add your own features
                  All major features are already extensions (assembly editor, debugger, decompiler)
              Multiple tabs and tab groups
                  Your screen is too big? Don’t cut it in half, add another vertical tab group and read two classes at once!
                  The tabs and positions within the text editors are saved when you close dnSpy and restored at startup so you can continue where you left off
              Search assemblies
                  Search for types (classes), methods, properties, events, fields
                  Search for strings or numbers in code
              Assembly analyzer
                  Find usages of types (classes), methods, properties, events, fields
              BAML to XAML decompiler
              Highlighted references, keywords
                  References under the caret are highlighted to make it easier to see all uses of the reference in the code
                  Tab, Shift+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Up, Ctrl+Shift+Down moves to the next or previous reference
                  Alt+Down and Alt+Up moves to the next or previous definition (type (class), method, property, event, field)
              Structure visualizer
                  Vertical guide lines shown between start and end of code blocks
                  Different colors are used for different blocks, eg. loop, conditional, method, etc
              dnlib is used to read and write assemblies so it can handle obfuscated code (eg. malware) without crashing
              Go to commands:
                  Entry point
                  Assembly static initialization method (<Module>..cctor)
                  Any metadata token
                  Any metadata row
              Syntax highlighted tooltips with XML doc comments when hovering over a type (class), method, property, event, field
              Methods, properties and events are decompiled in source code order or a custom user-defined order
                  Source code order means that related methods are usually next to each other, just like the programmer wanted
              Background images can be shown in the text editor
              Export to project decompiles all selected assemblies and creates a Visual Studio solution
                  Multiple assemblies can be exported at the same time
                  Creates a Visual Studio solution (supports VS2005 – VS-latest) and project files
                  Supports WinForms and WPF classes (creates a code-behind .cs/.vb file and a WinForms .resx / WPF .xaml file)
                  Converts .NET resources to .resx files
              Open from GAC
              Command line decompiler
                  Supports Windows, Linux and Mac
                  Syntax highlights output to the screen
              Scripting with C# REPL
                  Call public dnSpy methods from scripts
                  Script the debugger and other extensions
              Hex editor
              Method tokens and addresses are shown in comments and can be clicked to go to the raw metadata or IL bytes
              Metadata editor
              Collapse Assembly Explorer nodes command to quickly collapse unused nodes
              And more…
          Changelog v6.2 RC1
          New features:
              dnSpy now runs under .NET 6 and .NET Framework 4.8.
              Move to VS2022 icons for UI and exe files (by @InKahootz and @SychicBoy)
              Support for tilt/horizontal scrolling in the UI.
              Added support for editing custom attributes on module resources.
              Added support for modifying the Log2Rid value when saving the module.
              Add support for ARM64 target architecture in the assembly editor.
              Add an enum for PE Magic field in the PE editor (by @riQQ)
              Show debugged process’s name in the title bar (by @InKahootz)
              Add support for writing VS2022 compatible .sln files.
              Added back the Save Code, Save BAML, and Save XAML options in the File context menu which save the contents of the currently open document tab.
                  Display a warning message before starting to debug a target file with a different bitness than the current dnSpy version running.
                  Add a new option that allows to automatically break on <Module>::.cctor when starting to debug.
                  Display the exception’s HResult property when an unhandled exception is hit.
              ILSpy decompiler:
                  Added jump to reference support for jmp() expressions created when the jmp CIL opcode is present.
                  CIL disassembler now includes information about generic parameter attributes and constraints.
                  Add more information to the output when disassembling the module node when using the CIL disassembler.
                  The decompiler now splits up long method call chains using a new line.
                  Generate debug info for yield break; statements.
          Improvements and bug fixes:
              Fix the .NET 6 console executable having the incorrect subsystem set in the PE options resulting in a crash.
              Fixed escaping of namespaces in tooltips.
              Fixed syntax highlighting for structs in tooltips.
              Improved RVA <-> FileOffset conversions in PE editor to fix a crash with invalid values being passed in.
              Improved assembly resolution for .NET Standard, .NET Core, .NET 5, .NET 6.
              Read probe paths from .config files when searching for satellite assemblies during project export.
              Fixed incorrect label in the Save Module dialog.
              ILSpy Decompiler
                  Optimized the variable naming step in the decompiler by reducing memory allocations.
                  Improved insertion of checked() blocks.
                  Improved decompilation of query expressions.
                  Prevent delegate construction decompilation from crashing the entire decompiler if it failed.
                  Improved analysis for unsafe modifier.
                  Ignore invalid prefixes when constructing the ILAst. This prevents a common method used to crash the decompiler from working.
                  Many improvements and fixes to the async method decompilation logic.
                  Optimized the removal of dead nop instructions when building the ILAst. This deficiency was a known method to crash dnSpy’s decompiler by filling a method body with huge amounts of useless code.
                  Fixed a rare case where field initializers would not be detected properly.
                  Fixed a rarely occurring bug that resulted in incorrect ILAst being built.
                  Optimized construction of ILAst by calculating the stack behavior of instruction only once and by caching the result of MethodDef.HasReturnType.
                  Improved required parenthesis analysis.
                  Fixed a bug that caused the infamous ??? exception to occur when debugging.
                  Improved debugging support for newer mono runtimes.
                  Fixed a crash that occurred in the .NET Framework version of dnSpy when a module loaded into memory during debugging would contain an invalid file path resulting in a crash.
              BAML decompiler
                  Resolve namespaces of properties.
                  Fix Name attribute for properties incorrect in rare circumstances.
                  Fix missing x:Static and x:Type (by @wwh1004)
          Dependency updates:
              Updated dnlib to 3.5.0
              Updated Iced to 1.17.0
              Roslyn compiler to 4.1.0
              Ookii.Dialogs.Wpf to 5.0.1
              VS MEF to 16.9.20
              ILSpy to 2.4
              Mono.Debugger.Soft was updated to the latest commit.

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        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Description
          Do you want to learn how to reveal and gather information about your target on Twitter like real world pro hackers?
          Hello, my name is Mostafa Ahmad, I’m an Expert Ethical Hacker and Cybersecurity Engineer with over seven years of experience, with a successful track record and high effectiveness. I’m more than happy to deliver completely my successful experience through my courses.
          Throughout this course, you will learn highly advanced and hacking technical methods besides the non-technichal methods with the skills of advanced real world hackers to reveal deep information about your target on Twitter and I will of course answer any question you have to harden your skills and knowledge and help you step by step in your learning journey.
          Here is what you will learn throughout this course: <All videos inside of the course with high resolution>
              What hacking exactly is
              What OSINT is and what you can do with it
              How to create an undetectable realistic fake account.
              How to use Twitter with tips and tricks that are performed by real world malicious hackers.
              How to reveal the most amount of information about a company.
              How to reveal the most amount of information about an individual.
              How to use advanced searching hacking techniques.
              How to Manipulate Twitter search engine and reveal deeper information.
              How find the exact location of your target.
              How to find the active and non-active time of your target.
              How to find companies partners and employees like a hacker.
              How to find a target’s relatives and friends.
              Use the information you got to reveal much more information.
              How to optimally protect yourself on Twitter against all OSINT activities and attacks.
          Learning should be enjoyable and full of valuable information. This course has been designed with great care to ease learning and get the best outcome and you will find me very responsive to any question you ask me to help you with your learning journey step by step.
          Who this course is for:
              Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers
              Anyone who wants to learn Twitter OSINT with advanced hackers mind and techniques
              Anyone who wants to optimally secure himself/herself on Twitter
              No knowledge or experience, you will learn Twitter OSINT hacking from scratch to the advanced level
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          Hidden Content
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        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. About
          BirDuster is a Python based knockoff of the original DirBuster.
          BirDuster is a multi threaded Python application designed to brute force directories and files names on web/application servers. Often is the case now of what looks like a web server in a state of default installation is actually not, and has pages and applications hidden within.

          Hidden Content
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        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. HaE is used to highlight HTTP requests and extract information from HTTP response messages or request messages.
          The plugin can custom regular expressions to match HTTP response messages. You can decide for yourself whether the corresponding request that meets the custom regular expression match needs to be highlighted and information extracted.
          Note: The use of HaE requires a basic regular expression foundation for testers. Since the Java regular expression library is not as elegant or convenient as Python when using regular expressions, HaE requires users to use () to extract what they need The expression content contains; for example, if you want to match a response message of a Shiro application, the normal matching rule is rememberMe=delete, if you want to extract this content, you need to become (rememberMe=delete).

          Hidden Content
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        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. XLM Macro Deobfuscator
          XLM Macro Deobfuscator can be used to decode obfuscated XLM macros (also known as Excel 4.0 macros). It utilizes an internal XLM emulator to interpret the macros, without fully performing the code.
          It supports both xls, xlsm, and xlsb formats.
          It uses xlrd2, pyxlsb2, and its own parser to extract cells and other information from xls, xlsb, and xlsm files, respectively.
          You can also find XLM grammar in xlm-macro-en.lark
          Changelog v0.2.6
              Fix bug in interpreting a formula if contains a sheet name that is a valid col name like C1

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