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RDP ForcerX v 1.5 Plus [Cracked]


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RDP ForcerX v 1.5 Plus 
(best dedicated servers pentration test tool for today)


Detect all Logins on system (only need brute passwords).
Supports surval Ports
IP Range Scanner (masscan)
Testing password in different spelling (Large and lower case)
Can bruteforce all windows logins
Support all Windows systems.
fast speed and logins detection make it best brute for today.

Windows 7 or higher
.Net Framework 4.5
The Tool can be startet with "ForcerX15+.exe"

Version 1.5 (03.04.2017) updates:

Added speed perfomance.
Optimized threads and memory usage.
Detector 70% faster.
ForcerX 30% faster and use 40% less memory 
Fixed ForserS crashes.
TOR support for Detector, ForserX. ForserS and checker.

Removed many crashes bugs.


1 use scanner to find open remote desktop ports.
2 use Detector on finded IPs for detect Windows logins.
3 use ForcerX for brute passwords for detected logins with Detector,

note: use scanner on clean direct ip for correct scanning, Detector, ForserX. ForserS can work on any connection including tor.
note: ForcerS for brute logins and passwords, that will take much more time.
note: for best results create good password list by yourself, do not use to big passwords lists it will take much more time.



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