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      Hard Crack SMSGadget Need Crackers with top skills

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      Hi Guys,

      I have no experience in cracking at all but i have attempted to try this one with no luck, I believe it has a very secure registration system to crack .  Are there any guys here kind enough to help and crack this for me ? In return i can offer my services as a penetration tester or coding in php html vb sql etc .



      Many Thanks





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          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Create WordPress Websites and Blogs: Especially for Beginners, Freelancers, and Graphic Designers Who Don’t Want to Code
          What you’ll learn
              You will learn how to “spin up” new WordPress sites in under one minute
              You will learn exactly how I build websites for my clients.
              You will learn how to create websites, portfolios, and blogs with WordPress
              You will learn how to download, install and configure WordPress plugins
              You will learn to use Photoshop and more to create beautiful website graphics
              You will create a responsive website that looks good on any browser
              You should have a basic understanding of computers and software
              A modern browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
              Internet access
              You do not need any coding experience or programming knowledge
              You can follow along with free themes, but I also show you how to use several premium themes – the typical cost is $60 per theme, if you choose to go that route
              We will work locally (no cost), but if you want to launch your site you will need to purchase a domain name and hosting
          A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress!
          The main goal of this course is to teach anyone, even a complete beginner, how to setup a complete WordPress website quickly and easily.
          While other courses teach you all of the in-depth, complicated things about building websites in WordPress, this course focuses on only those things needed to get your website up and running as efficiently as possible.
          You do not need to wade through hours and hours of lectures to create a stunning website. WordPress is wonderful because once you have your site up, you can refine it over time as you are able. If you’re like most designers or freelancers or entrepreneurs, chances are good you don’t want to spend weeks perfecting your website – you want something up ASAP! To help you reach that goal as quickly as possible, I move quickly through the content to help get you up and running fast – so come ready to rapidly dive into the meat of this course!
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          Key Features
          Start your Android programming career, or just have fun publishing apps on Google Play marketplace
          The first-principle introduction to Kotlin through Android, to start building easy-to-use apps
          Learn by example and build four real-world apps and dozens of mini-apps
          Book Description
          Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and Kotlin has been declared by Google as a first-class programming language to build Android apps. With the imminent arrival of the most anticipated Android update, Android 10 (Q), this book gets you started building apps compatible with the latest version of Android.

          It adopts a project-style approach, where we focus on teaching the fundamentals of Android app development and the essentials of Kotlin by building three real-world apps and more than a dozen mini-apps. The book begins by giving you a strong grasp of how Kotlin and Android work together before gradually moving onto exploring the various Android APIs for building stunning apps for Android with ease. You will learn to make your apps more presentable using different layouts. You will dive deep into Kotlin programming concepts such as variables, functions, data structures, Object-Oriented code, and how to connect your Kotlin code to the UI. You will learn to add multilingual text so that your app is accessible to millions of more potential users. You will learn how animation, graphics, and sound effects work and are implemented in your Android app.

          By the end of the book, you will have sound knowledge about significant Kotlin programming concepts and start building your own fully featured Android apps.

          What you will learn
          Learn how Kotlin and Android work together
          Build a graphical drawing app using Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles
          Build beautiful, practical layouts using ScrollView, RecyclerView, NavigationView, ViewPager and CardView
          Write Kotlin code to manage an apps' data using different strategies including JSON and the built-in Android SQLite database
          Add user interaction, data captures, sound, and animation to your apps
          Implement dialog boxes to capture input from the user
          Build a simple database app that sorts and stores the user's data
          Who this book is for
          This book is for people who are new to Kotlin, Android and want to develop Android apps.It also acts as a refresher for those who have some experience in programming with Android and Kotlin.

          Table of Contents
          Getting Started with Android and Kotlin
          Kotlin, XML, and the UI Designer
          Exploring Android Studio and the Project Structure
          Getting Started with Layouts and Material Design
          Beautiful Layouts with CardView and ScrollView
          The Android Lifecycle
          Kotlin Variables, Operators, and Expressions
          Kotlin Decisions and Loops
          Kotlin Functions
          Object-Oriented Programming
          Inheritance in Kotlin
          Connecting Our Kotlin to the UI and Nullability
          Bringing Android Widgets to Life
          Android Dialog Windows
          Handling Data and Generating Random Numbers
          Adapters and Recyclers
          Data Persistence and Sharing
          Animations and Interpolations
          Drawing Graphics
          Threads and Starting the Live Drawing App
          Particle Systems and Handling Screen Touches
          Android Sound Effects and the Spinner Widget
          Design Patterns, Multiple Layouts, and Fragments
          Advanced UI with Paging and Swiping
          Advanced UI with Navigation Drawer and Fragment
          Android Databases
          A Quick Chat Before You Go
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          English | 2018 | ISBN: 1788623223 | 394 pages | PDF | 16.79 MB
          Building Machine Learning Systems with Python: Explore machine learning and deep learning techniques for building intelligent systems using scikit-learn and TensorFlow, 3rd Edition

          Get more from your data by creating practical machine learning systems with Python

          Key Features
          Develop your own Python-based machine learning system
          Discover how Python offers multiple algorithms for modern machine learning systems
          Explore key Python machine learning libraries to implement in your projects

          Book Description
          Machine learning allows systems to learn things without being explicitly programmed to do so. Python is one of the most popular languages used to develop machine learning applications, which take advantage of its extensive library support. This third edition of Building Machine Learning Systems with Python addresses recent developments in the field by covering the most-used datasets and libraries to help you build practical machine learning systems.

          Using machine learning to gain deeper insights from data is a key skill required by modern application developers and analysts alike. Python, being a dynamic language, allows for fast exploration and experimentation. This book shows you exactly how to find patterns in your raw data. You will start by brushing up on your Python machine learning knowledge and being introduced to libraries. You'll quickly get to grips with serious, real-world projects on datasets, using modeling and creating recommendation systems. With Building Machine Learning Systems with Python, you'll gain the tools and understanding required to build your own systems, all tailored to solve real-world data analysis problems.

          By the end of this book, you will be able to build machine learning systems using techniques and methodologies such as classification, sentiment analysis, computer vision, reinforcement learning, and neural networks.

          What you will learn
          Build a classification system that can be applied to text, images, and sound
          Employ Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run analysis on the cloud
          Solve problems related to regression using scikit-learn and TensorFlow
          Recommend products to users based on their past purchases
          Understand different ways to apply deep neural networks on structured data
          Address recent developments in the field of computer vision and reinforcement learning

          Who this book is for
          Building Machine Learning Systems with Python is for data scientists, machine learning developers, and Python developers who want to learn how to build increasingly complex machine learning systems. You will use Python's machine learning capabilities to develop effective solutions. Prior knowledge of Python programming is expected.

          Table of Contents
          Getting Started with Python Machine Learning
          Classifying with Real-world Examples
          Classification I – Detecting Poor Answers
          Dimensionality Reduction
          Clustering – Finding Related Posts
          Artificial neural Networks & Deep Learning
          Classification II – Sentiment Analysis
          Topic Modeling
          Classification III – Music Genre Classification
          Computer Vision
          Reinforcement Learning
          Bigger Data

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          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Debugging iOS Applications with IDA Pro Tutorial
          We have updated our iOS Debugging Tutorial. It has some new sections that should be of particular interest:
          “Debugging the DYLD Shared Cache” discusses how to combine IDA’s incremental dyldcache loading functionality with the iOS Debugger.
          “Debugging System Applications” is a concrete example of how to use IDA to debug an iOS system daemon on a jailbroken device.
          We hope you will find these new examples engaging and useful!

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