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      They have just found two serious vulnerabilities thanks to a PDF that they have uploaded to VirusTotal

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      A few months ago, an anonymous user uploaded a PDF file to the online platform 

      Hidden Content

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       in order to see if it was detected by any of the more than 50 antivirus engines that have this platform or, otherwise, none of them detected it .This PDF file apparently seemed harmless and could have been a user who, after downloading it, wanted to verify that it did not hide anything. However, it seems that this PDF file hid something quite serious.

      This PDF file immediately called the attention of several security researchers subscribed to the platform, researchers who soon began to analyze it in depth.Within this PDF file they have been able to find two very dangerous exploits that took advantage of two security flaws still unknown in the Adobe software and in Windows.

      Hidden Content

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      The Adobe vulnerability ( CVE-2018-4990 ) is a failure to execute remote code, while the Windows security failure ( CVE-2018-8120 ) is a privilege escalation failure to be able to execute code at the highest level of permits. The PDF file did not include the final payload and was not 100% complete, so it is believed that it has never been used.

      Neither this malicious PDF , nor the exploits that it hid, had never been seen on the network until they were sent to VirusTotal. It is not well known why this PDF came to this online security platform, whether it was from someone who got it in some way or by some rookie hackerwho does not know that all the files sent to VirusTotal are sent to security companies and researchers, even if apparently clean, for in-depth analysis.

      What is certain is that, thanks to VirusTotal, we have been able to avoid a series of very dangerous computer attacks, being able to know the vulnerability before it was used to endanger the security of the users.

      Update Windows and Adobe to protect yourself from these two vulnerabilities

      This PDF was detected in March of this same year, and in the second week of May Microsoft and Adobe released their corresponding security patches without giving specific details about these security flaws. However, in order to give system administrators enough time to update their infrastructures, it has not been until now that Microsoft and Adobe have made public the vulnerabilities that have been detected thanks to this PDF uploaded to VirusTotal .

      To protect ourselves from these two failures and make these exploits useless, we must install the latest Windows and Adobe security patches. These vulnerabilities were already solved the second week of May with the corresponding patches, so, installing these patches we will be fully protected.

      What do you think of these two security flaws discovered and solved thanks to VirusTotal?

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      I tell what happened the lamer bought exploit the 0day for adobe acrobat from 0day.today, and just fuked up the exploit

      let dos this virustotal

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      They buy or download a crypter and the first thing they do is upload it to VirusTotal, and then they tell you that they detect it as antivirus.
      They pull the work of days even of months in a few minutes, fucking lamers .....

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          Side-channel attacks or SCA, monitor your power use and electromagnetic emissions during cryptographic operations. Due to the low cost and simplicity of these attacks, multiple side-channel techniques can be used. Here is a list of the different techniques:
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          Different ways to help prevent these attacks have been introduced but not widely implemented. A few ways to try to prevent these attacks are:
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          Usage of droopescan for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It is the end user’s responsibility to obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program. Please note that while droopescan outputs the most CMS likely version installed on the remote host, any correlation between version numbers and vulnerabilities must be done manually by the user.
          Supported CMS are:
          Partial functionality for:
              Joomla (version enumeration and interesting URLs only)
              Moodle (plugin & theme very limited, watch out)
              Drupal (plugin discovery partial on new installations of Drupal, patches encouraged)
          Changelog  v1.45
          * New SS modules.
          * New versions for all CMS.
          * Fix Python version in Kali. Thank you @pr0b3r7 and @NorthShad0w.

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