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      Microsoft buys GitHub, the largest free software platform

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      GitHub, which has more than 28 million users, will become part of the Microsoft Cloud Intelligence business


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      Microsoft offices in New York.  AFP

      Microsoft has reached an agreement to acquire GitHub, a collaborative software development platform, for 7,500 million dollars (6,406 million euros) in shares, as announced by the giant of Redmond, which expects to close the purchase later this year.

      After the closing of the transaction, GitHub, which has more than 28 million users, will present its accounts as part of the business of Intelligence in the Cloud, said Microsoft, who is confident that the acquisition will be reflected in their accounts for the year. fiscal 2020 with a minimum dilutive impact of less than 1% on the earnings per share for the years 2019 and 2020.

      Microsoft Corporate vice president, Nat Friedman, will assume the position of CEO of GitHub after the acquisition, while the current head of the platform, Chris Wanstrath, will become Microsoft's technical partner, reporting to Microsoft's executive vice president, Scott Guthrie, to work on strategic software initiatives.

      Microsoft ensures that GitHub will maintain its distinctive approach of putting developers first and will continue to operate independently to offer an open platform to all developers and industries. In this way, GitHub users will be able to continue using the programming languages, tools and operating systems of their choice for their projects.

      "Microsoft is a platform that puts developers first and by joining forces with GitHub we reinforce our commitment to freedom, openness and innovation," said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

      For his part, Wanstrath highlighted the "bright future" for software development, underlining that the union with Microsoft will help make it a reality. "Its scale, tools and global cloud will play a huge role in making GitHub even more valuable to developers around the world," he added.

      GitHub is a repository of online code very popular among open source developers. The price paid by Microsoft, much higher than its last valuation, indicates the interest of the Redmond company to gain a foothold in the world of free software.

      Five alternatives to GitHub 


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        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. edb is a cross-platform x86/x86-64 debugger. It was inspired by Ollydbg but aims to function on x86 and x86-64 as well as multiple OS’s. Linux is the only officially supported platform at the moment, but FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OSX, and Windows ports are underway with varying degrees of functionality.

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        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. INDEX
          1. - WHAT IS RDP ?

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        • By dEEpEst
          Software Testing
          Software Testing is a method to check whether the actual software product matches expected requirements and to ensure that the software product is Defect free. It involves the execution of software/system components using manual or automated tools to evaluate one or more properties of interest. The purpose of software testing is to identify errors, gaps, or missing requirements in contrast to actual requirements.
          Some prefer saying Software testing as a White Box and Black Box Testing. In simple terms, Software Testing means the Verification of Application Under Test (AUT). This tutorial introduces testing software to the audience and justifies its importance.
          Why Software Testing is Important?
          Software Testing is Important because if there are any bugs or errors in the software, they can be identified early and can be solved before delivery of the software product. Properly tested software product ensures reliability, security, and high performance which further results in time-saving, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.
          Testing is important because software bugs could be expensive or even dangerous. Software bugs can potentially cause monetary and human loss, and history is full of such examples.
          In April 2015, the Bloomberg terminal in London crashed due to a software glitch that affected more than 300,000 traders on financial markets. It forced the government to postpone a 3bn pound debt sale.
          Nissan cars recalled over 1 million cars from the market due to software failure in the airbag sensory detectors. There has been reported two accident due to this software failure.
          Starbucks was forced to close about 60 percent of stores in the U.S and Canada due to software failure in its POS system. At one point, the store served coffee for free as they were unable to process the transaction.
          Some of Amazon's third-party retailers saw their product price is reduced to 1p due to a software glitch. They were left with heavy losses.
          Vulnerability in Windows 10. This bug enables users to escape from security sandboxes through a flaw in the win32k system.
          In 2015 fighter plane F-35 fell victim to a software bug, making it unable to detect targets correctly.
          China Airlines Airbus A300 crashed due to a software bug on April 26, 1994, killing 264 innocents live
          In 1985, Canada's Therac-25 radiation therapy machine malfunctioned due to a software bug and delivered lethal radiation doses to patients, leaving 3 people dead and critically injuring 3 others.
          In April of 1999, a software bug caused the failure of a $1.2 billion military satellite launch, the costliest accident in history
          In May of 1996, a software bug caused the bank accounts of 823 customers of a major U.S. bank to be credited with 920 million US dollars.
          What are the benefits of Software Testing?
          Here are the benefits of using software testing:
          Cost-Effective: It is one of the important advantages of software testing. Testing any IT project on time helps you to save your money for the long term. In case if the bugs caught in the earlier stage of software testing, it costs less to fix.
          Security: It is the most vulnerable and sensitive benefit of software testing. People are looking for trusted products. It helps in removing risks and problems earlier.
          Product quality: It is an essential requirement of any software product. Testing ensures a quality product is delivered to customers.
          Customer Satisfaction: The main aim of any product is to give satisfaction to their customers. UI/UX Testing ensures the best user experience.
          Types Of Testing
          Functional Testing
          Unit Testing
          Integration Testing
          UAT ( User Acceptance Testing)
          So on
          Non-Functional TestingPerformance
          So on
        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. A free silent (hidden) open-source native file binder.
          Main Features
              Native (C) - Builds the final executable as a native (C) 32-bit file, has basically no run requirements
              Silent - Drops and executes (if enabled) files without any visible output unless the bound program has one
              Multiple files - Supports binding any amount of files
              Compatible - Supports all tested Windows version (Windows 7 to Windows 10) and all file types
              Windows Defender exclusions - Can add exclusions into Windows Defender to ignore any detections from the bound files
              Icon/Assembly - Supports adding an Icon and/or Assembly Data to the built file

          UnamBinder 1.2.1
              Changed Icon path and Assembly Data to now literalize escape characters
              Added check for Assembly Version to ensure that it contains only numbers

          Hidden Content
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