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      0x88 Exploit pack - Reworked Shell Code

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      The Pack includes:
      - Jpg + chm Exploit
      - JRL Exploit
      - Activ Exploit
      - Activ2 Exploit
      - MLHTTP Exploit
      - HTA Exploit
      - BIN-HE Exploit
      - ML Exploit
      - PPP 4 Exploit
      - WScript Exploit
      - ANI Exploit
      - IFRAME Tag Overflow Exploit
      - Blnmgr.dll COM Object Remote Exploit
      - Msdds.dll Remote Code Execution Exploit
      - DHTML Object Memory Corruption Exploit
      - Javaprxy.dll Object Remote Exploit
      - Additional modules that can be easily connected (LZ SP2 and Cmd)
      - Downloader with injection, into explorer.exe and weighing 1.8 Kb

      Updates : Shellcode update, Additional systems available.

      Default :



      Hidden Content

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      Hidden Content

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      Password RAR5: level23hacktools.com 



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      Link fixed

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      @elsdell I do not think so. But give it a try and tell us

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        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Pro tip: For enabling the primitive emulation bypass or "Anti Memory Scanner", remove the " ' " in line 537 in source.txt.
          Its functionality is pretty simple, some strings are not encoded so you can do it, this will prevent the source from getting detected too fast.
          Used themes:
          -Knight theme by byEarn (HF)
          -Meth Theme by Mephobia (HF)
          All (optional) functions:
          - Evade AV detections
          - Add Icon
          - Add Antis [SandboxieRpcSs, VBoxTray, VBoxService, vmtoolsd, Procmon64, Procmon, ProcessGovernor, ProcessLasso,ProcessHacker, Taskmgr]
          - Copy Temp => the process copies its file to the temp folder and restarts at the new location
          - Delay => delays the execution of your testing "payload", to bypass some other av detection techniques or just delays the execution (maybe detected)
          - Autostarts
          - Registry => writes a registry key so your program will automatically starts with your system
          - Autostart => copies the file into the autostart folder from the current user.
          - File Info => Set the information you can see in the properties.
          =>Anti Emulation : will prevent runtime detections
          =>USG : changes many variable names to evade detection trough static string names
          =>Dynamic Editing : only functions that are enabled will be added into the sourcecode of the source.txt
          =>Gen Properties : I will present you way of saving data, with this easy trick, gets less detected than simple functions that are returning anything...

          Hidden Content
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        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Description
          Welcome to the 300+ Exercises – Python Programming Mega Pack course where you can test your Python programming skills.
          Topics you will find in the basic exercises:
              print() function
              calculations in Python
              strings, and str methods
              data types
              data structures: set. tuple, list, dict
              program flow control
              if statement
              for loops
              break statement
              continue statement
              while loops
              exception handling
              reading files
              saving to files
              built-in functions
              defining your own functions
              anonymous functions – lambda expression
              set comprehension
              list comprehension
              dict comprehension
              built-in modules
          Topics you will find in the advanced exercises:
              Fibonacci sequence
              prime and composite numbers
              palindromic numbers
              decimal system, binary system
              object oriented programming
              Hamming distance
              Scrabble game
              spiral matrices
              input / output operations
              work with JSON and CSV files
              ETL processing
              object serialization – pickle
              SQLite databases – sqlite3
              Levenshtein distance
              Caesar Cipher
              Morse code
              Monte Carlo method
              bitwise AND, OR, XOR
              functional programming
              inheritance from built-in classes
              calculation of moving averages and minima
              implementation of the Matrix class
              implementation of the Stack class
              implementation of the Queue class
              the parentheses validator
              HTML document validator
              and other
          This course is designed for people who have basic and advanced knowledge in Python. It consists of 300 exercises with solutions. This is a great test for people who are learning the Python language and are looking for new challenges. Exercises are also a good test before the interview.
          If you’re wondering if it’s worth taking a step towards Python, don’t hesitate any longer and take the challenge today.
          Stack Overflow Developer Survey
          According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, Python is the most wanted programming language. Python passed SQL to become our third most popular technology. Python is the language developers want to work with most if they aren’t already doing so.
          Who this course is for:
              everyone who wants to learn by doing
              everyone who wants to improve their Python programming skills
              everyone who wants to prepare for an interview
              basic and advanced knowledge of Python
          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.
        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. FindFunc is an IDA PRO plugin to find code functions that contain a certain assembly or byte pattern, reference a certain name or string, or conform to various other constraints. This is not a competitor to tools like Diaphora or BinNavi, but it is ideal to find a known function in a new binary for cases where classical bindiffing fails.
          Filtering with Rules
          The main functionality of FindFunc is letting the user specify a set of “Rules” or constraints that a code function in IDA PRO has to satisfy. FF will then find and list all functions that satisfy ALL rules (so currently all Rules are in an AND-conjunction). Exception: Rules can be “inverted” to be negative matches. Such rules thus conform to “AND NOT”.
          FF will schedule the rules in a smart order to minimize processing time. Feature overview:
              Currently, 6 Rules are available, see below
              Code matching respects Addressing-Size-Prefix and Operand-Size-Prefix
              Aware of function chunks
              Smart scheduling of rules for performance
              Saving/Loading rules from/to file in simple ascii format
              Several independent Tabs for experimentation
              Copying rules between Tabs via clipboard (same format as a file format)
              Advanced copying of instruction bytes (all, opcodes only, all except immediate)
          Button “Search Functions” clears existing results and starts a fresh search, “Refine Results” considers only results of the previous search.
          Advanced Binary Copying
          A secondary feature of FF is the option to copy binary representation of instructions with the following options:
              copy all -> copy all bytes to the clipboard
              copy without immediate -> blank out (AA ?? BB) any immediate values in the instruction bytes
              opcode only -> will blank out everything except the actual opcode(s) of the instruction (and prefixes)

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.
        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. DDWPasteRecon
          Pastesites are websites that allow users to share plain text through public posts called “pastes.”
          Once attackers compromise the external perimeter and gain access to the internal resources they release the part of data on the “paste” sites like pastebin or hastebin. As these hackers or malicious groups publish dumps on such sites other users can see sensitive information through paste sites.
          With various malicious groups now using these services as communication channels, temporary storage or sharing, and various other sources being used to trade POC code, I thought it would be a good idea to have an easy tool to help organisations Blue and Red Teams to have visibility into these sites via Google dorks.
          DDWPasteRecon tool will help you identify code leak, sensitive files, plaintext passwords, and password hashes. It also allows members of SOC & Blue Team to gain situational awareness of the organisation’s web exposure on the pastesites. It Utilises Google’s indexing of pastesites to gain targeted intelligence of the organisation. Blue & SOC teams can collect and analyse data from these indexed pastesites to better protect against unknown threats.

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.
        • By itsMe

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Anonymously Reverse shell over Tor Network using Hidden Services without port forwarding.
          This project implements the tor network with the metasploit-framework tool and msfvenom module. You can easily create hidden services for your LHOST .onion domain without portforwarding. If you have experienced different remote administration tools, probably you know you need a forward port with VPN or NGROK but in this sense, the Tor network offers the possibility of making services in a machine accessible as hidden services without portforwarding, by taking advantage of the anonymity it offers and thereby preventing the real location of the machine from being exposed.
          Currently, this project has that features.
              Create a hidden service
              Generate msfvenom payload with fully undetectable
              Hidden service becomes available outside tor network
          This tool is only for testing and can only be used where strict consent has been given. Do not use it for illegal purposes! It is the end user’s responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. I assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this tool and software.

          Hidden Content
          Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.