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      Mobile phones

      0 posts in this topic

      Good day!

      Today we will consider the most urgent issues of security of using mobile phones and will give answers to them.


      This information is useful to everyone, IMHO.


      Question: Is it true that the mobile phone can be tracked?

      Answer: Yes, it's true. The mobile phone can be monitored by the telecom operator. Any operator, not just the one you are using at the moment. You can track your cell phone without SIM at all. And exactly with the same accuracy as the cell phone with Simka.

      The conditions are as follows: the phone is switched on and is in the area of ​​the operator's network that tracks.


      Question: Is it true that the mobile phone can be remotely turned on?

      Answer: Yes, it's true. The operator of communication from his equipment can switch on the mobile phone remotely. For this action, no super military-secret equipment is required. All actions are performed on standard OpSoS equipment. The operator can turn it on in both active and passive mode. In the passive mode, the phone visually does not show any signs that it will not be turned on. This requires that the phone was powered, that is, it had a battery and it was charged and that the phone had such an opportunity at all. Not all cellular standards and not all phone models support the remote power-on function.


      Question: Is it true that a mobile phone can be used for remote listening and peeping through the camera?

      Answer: Yes, it's true. But not all phone models are equipped with such functions. There are both old models of devices through which you can remotely listen (look), and new. Among the new, there are also models that do not have this function at all. Large manufacturers are assisting special services and try to include this functionality in their models. But not all countries and manufacturers support this initiative of Americans. There is information (untested) that our Korean-Japanese-Chinese friends are not very helpful in this matter.


      Question: Is it true that a mobile phone with GPS can be tracked more accurately than a mobile phone without this function?

      Answer: No, this is not true. The mobile phone is monitored by the signals of the cellular stations to which it is connected and in no other way.

      The reasons for this are very simple:

      -If the phone is not in the coverage area of ​​the cellular network, then there simply is no way to connect to it, which means that the data from the GPS module is simply useless.

      -If the phone is on the network, it is usually connected to 6-7th cellular stations. Knowing their exact binding to the terrain and having the opportunity to make up to 35 triangulations, you can calculate the location of the mobile phone to within one cubic meter in a few seconds. And then the question is, why use the GPS module, if it gives accuracy not higher? And the procedure of silent activation of the GPS module is not so simple technically.


      Question: Is it true that the mobile phone stores data about all the SIM cards that were inserted into it?

      Answer: Yes and no.

      Yes, until you reset the phone to factory settings, it will remember the last inserted SIM card (depends on the model). After a hard reset, the phone is clean. But all combinations of SIM + IMEI numbers are stored in the operator database. That is, as soon as SIM + IMEI lit up in the network, they are automatically recorded in the database of operators. How long they store the data is unknown. I think it's a long time.


      Question: Can I change the phone number, change the IMEI number and the phone will be clean and not trackable?

      Answer: No, it's not. All GSM chips have factory numbers nailed to them during manufacture. These numbers are taken into account. That is, with a huge desire, you can trace the original IMEI number by the chip number.


      Question: And they say that if you have 2 mobile phones with you and one of them is off (the battery is removed), and the second is being monitored, then the first will be calculated, because it is nearby?

      Answer: No, this is nonsense. A de-energized device can not be turned on and monitored technically. Physics can not be canceled by the state. There is a possibility that in the near future they will try to install identification chips that work without power. But at the moment I do not know such developments.


      Question: What is the error in calculating the coordinates of the mobile device on tracking?

      Answer: I did not calculate the exact error. But approximately now the fixed device can be calculated with an accuracy of up to 1 meter cubic. But all this is the mathematics of physics and geodesy. I think that it is not so important, because it is usually surrounded by blocks.


      Q: How do I know if I'm auditioned or not? Control measures?

      Answer: If there is no battery in the phone, then do not listen. If you are interested in listening to your conversations? That is not computable, because the wiretapping is on the communication operator and is not reflected on your phone.

      To understand whether your phone is switched on in silent mode it is possible by its (phone) temperature. In the process of wiretapping, there is an actual connection via GSM as during a conversation. And the corresponding battery charge. If the phone is just turned on quietly, for example, to find out your coordinates, then it seems to be standing idle.

      My opinion - if there are suspicions, we take out the battery.


      Question: If I have a phone with zero IMEI and I often change SIM cards, then it can still be tracked?

      Answer: If tracking means the location of the mobile phone's coordinates by the carrier, then yes.


      Question: Can all kinds of mobile phones be tracked?

      Answer: I'm not ready to assert for the NMT standard, but all the later developments allow tracking the included device regardless of its model. Those. if you have a brick for 100 rubles, this does not increase your safety.

      The misconception that older devices are worse tracked is not due to the machines themselves, but to the fact that as the development of cellular networks, the tracking capability has improved. Previously, accuracy in the radius of 25 meters was considered the limit, but since then, computing power has grown.


      Question: Legal security of the mobile phone.

      Answer: If you have someone else's SIM card, drawn up for a left person and a left phone, then it is practically impossible to prove that it was you who called someone on this particular phone and attracted you on this basis for complicity in something. Since you can always say that you found the device in exactly the way it is.

      True, if you were specially watched and prepared to be taken for this call, then you can not get away from it.


      Question: Does my IMEI apparatus have the form 0000000000000 does this mean that the device can not be traced?

      Answer: No, you can track any device. For the system it is important that the number was, not its kind. IMEI this kind of plant can not be. This is an explicitly modified IMEI. Such "strange" IMEI numbers attract more attention than you need. It is better to put IMEI similar to the one that can be in your device.


      Question: How to buy and use the device correctly, so that it does not lead the SDSO to me?

      Answer: For additional security, you can follow simple rules:

      1. Buy mobile phones for blackness only through a frontman and without documents (send to a kiosk neighbor, brother, matchmaker, friend or drop). If the device is not purchased by you personally, then on the confrontation you will not be recognized

      2. Use Sims, not designed for you. Refill the account only with cash (and certainly not in an ATM with cameras) or anonymous money (for example, with a kiwi outfitted not on you).

      3. Regularly change simks and devices (the degree of regularity depends entirely on your paranoia).

      4. NEVER insert other people's SIM cards into your (designed on you) device and designed on YOU sim in an alien device.

      5. Tell colleagues that if you answered with a code phrase, then it's time to start hiding. As a code phrase should be a simple wording. For example, if your name is Dima, then the phrase can be this: "I'm listening, Dima!". On such your answer should answer, that probably a wrong number and competently to react. The phrase can be any, but the main thing is that it should be simple and standard.


      Q: How long does PSPE store data on its servers? Are long-term backups made? Are you interested in both SMS logs and IMEI data + SIM number + base station number to which the device was connected?

      Answer: According to the law, in my own under 3 years they are obliged to store all billing data. Data that can determine the location of a mobile at any given time interval, the operator does not need to store at all. But somehow, all these data they store. About five years ago, I witnessed a conversation between the engineers of one of the small operators, the conversation concerned backups and SORM. The engineers agreed that it is simpler to archive and store all the service information with cells, than to disassemble the data into garbage and useful ones.

      I then concluded that most likely all operators have a total archive of all correspondence in SMS of all given billing (including the connections to the cells of all variants of the sim + IMEI) and the tracking data.

      And most likely, there is no total archive of records of conversations, MMS, and Internet traffic. The approximate amount of data of the loaded cell from sms, billing and tracking is less than 10Mb per day in the archive. Consider yourself if a city with a millionth of a large area requires less than 100 CSs.


      Question: Information about whereabouts, as well as listening to special services on demand? Or do you need any queries, permissions, etc.?

      Answer: Officially, there must be a request. Lawyers will prompt more correctly. But in reality Operators work with local bodies on a call. In general, in Russia, personal contacts solve EVERYTHING!


      Question: Are telephone conversations constantly being analyzed for the detection of "dangerous" words and phrases?

      Answer: Now new equipment is being prepared, which will perform these functions. But due to the fact that the operators buy and install this equipment, as well as certify at their own expense, the process goes on with a squeak. It was the same with SORM. The law came out, there was an order to put everyone in the course of a month, but in reality SORM was put more than 3 years.


      Question: Is it true that a telephone conversation that is conducted from a moving car is much more difficult to intercept, since the distance between it and the intercepting equipment (if it is not in the car) is increasing and the signal is weakening.

      Answer: If you use direct interception equipment, then naturally yes. The farther from the signal source, the less signal and the interception is less effective. But at the moment, for the interception of calls and traffic of cellular subscribers, the equipment of cellular operators is used. And in this connection, the running around the subscriber becomes unnecessary. All traffic between the cellular equipment of the OPPS and the mobile phone will be safely sniffed in the technical center of the OPPS. Including SMS, internet and the location of the sending subscriber. The location of the receiving subscriber is a bit more complicated. Its location can only be tracked with the help of the equipment of the operator to which it is connected. A transmitting subscriber is one that is followed, under the receiving one, to which the caller called or who himself called the transmitting person.


      Q: text SMS somewhere to be stored?

      Answer: Yes, SMS text goes inside the service traffic of operators and they store it. Not required, but kept. The fact that the operators have texts of your SMS 5 years ago, they are not recognized. Use these texts against you, as a legitimate proof is impossible.


      Question: Do banks use specials? equipment, or perhaps they have a direct access to operators, in order to listen to their employees?

      Answer: Listening to employees without their consent is not legal. You could sign the consent without looking, together with the employment contract. (I saw one such contract) Some strong SPECIAL equipment, I do not think. There are completely standard security systems of the building with built-in listening of premises. In addition, the company may have a contract with the operator under which all your conversations on work phones can be written and auditioned. The audit of your personal mobile can not be legally organized by the company in which you work. In addition to the cases associated with the fact that you carry out promptly-tracked events, but in this case, the wiretapper is not organized by the company, but by the police.


      Question: I use eared motorroller, I do not understand, on it, too, can I calculate to within a meter?

      Answer: Yes, at least an insane monkey. If your phone works in the GSM standard, then regardless of its model, it can be calculated and maintained with the accuracy that allows the density of the cellular network in the place where you are. It does not depend on the model of your device.


      Question: Advise how and how to use the device, so as not to get through?

      Answer: There are no devices that can not be "cracked". There are security measures, observing which can greatly reduce the likelihood that you will be calculated on the telephone. But ours, and not only our SSDS work mainly on the basis of classical methods of investigation. Computing with a phone is more of an addition to the rest.


      Question: ATMs and payment terminals are equipped with SIM cards, which are located in the GPRS-modem. Is it true that this Simka safely flashes your phone and you have to upload it when you approach the ATM or terminal? Is this true for the keys to the car, if a signal is hanging with them.

      Answer: This is not true. Does not hurt, because he does not know how. GPRS modem in the ATM or terminal and the mobile phone that you have in your pocket are 2 completely non-interfering devices. They simply do not have the functionality to burn someone. And the signal from the same opera.


      Question: The police can make inquiries to the PPSO to provide information - which phones were registered on the network at that time (when there was a nal) on this site (the location of the ATM), if there were several episodes and some kind of mobile from the previously recorded pops up, then things are bad.

      Answer: And here we got to another superstition and its origins. Yes, SSRI officers can request such information during the operational-search activities. Fortunately, it can not be a proof. But it generates rumors that ATMs are firing mobile phones.


      Question: If throwing a mobile phone leave a battery for him from me, can they burn me on it?

      Answer: The battery has no identification, and the serial on it can really be pierced only theoretically. Therefore, no, not true. A battery can only burn you if you put it in a fire. Cool explode.


      Question: There is some video that shows that when a special code is inserted, the phone charges the main battery by almost 50%. That is, in the mobile phone there is an additional battery that does not discharge, even when the mobile phone is completely discharged. That is, with its help you can turn on your mobile phone, even if you remove the main battery.

      Answer: Circuitry of telephone sets is such that except in the main battery, nowhere will there be enough energy to turn on the phone. Not to mention to connect to the GSM network. A video can be anything. But physics is still working. As for the special code, it was most likely introduced code that introduces the manager of the main battery chip into confusion. And thus allows you to add a so-called zero reserve from the battery. This leads to the fact that in the battery there are irreversible changes that fatal influence on its capacity. 50% of the charge there certainly is not typed, but a few minutes from the battery deceived in this way the phone will be able to work.


      Question: There are such things ... Jammers. Are they generally allowed in Russia?

      Answer: The use of jamming equipment (radio interference) in Russia without an appropriate license is illegal. You can say that this is a radio transmitter (what exactly is a jammer). But then again, if the device operates outside the permitted range by frequency and power, then its use without a license is illegal. So either get a license or understand yourself.



      In general, operatively the search activity with regard to ordinary suspects is limited to the recording of telephone conversations and SMS, and also occasionally monitoring the location of the subscriber.

      Search for IMEI is almost not used, for example, Chinese illegal phones go with only IMEI thousandths and do not stupidly track them.

      So, if you are not a terrorist or a dangerous criminal, you can live less peacefully, using the elementary foundations of security.

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