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Dr0p1t Framework 1.3 || FUD Dropper


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On Windows:

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On Linux:

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In essence this is simply a multi-platform downloader with a lot of features.


  • Generated executable properties:
  • The executable size is smaller compared to other droppers generated the same way.
  • Download executable on target system and execute it silently..
  • Self destruct function so that the dropper will kill and delete itself after finishing it work
  • Escape disk forensics by making all the files dropper create and dropper also cleans its content before deletion
  • Clear event log after finishing.



+ Modules:

  • Find and kill antivirus before running the malware.
  • The ability to disable UAC.
  • The ability to run your malware as admin.
  • Full spoof by spoofing the file icon and extension to any thing you want.
  • ZIP files support so now you can compress your executable to zip file before uploading.
  • Running a custom ( batch|powershell|vbs ) file you have chosen before running the executable
  • In running powershell scripts it can bypass execution policy
  • Using UPX to compress the dropper after creating it


+Persistence modules:


  • Adding executable after downloading it to startup.
  • Adding executable after downloading it to task scheduler ( UAC not matters ).
  • Adding your file to powershell user profile so your file will be downloaded and ran every time powershell.exe run if it doesn't exist.

Download Link:




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