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Wiki-Leaks Posts Details On Al Lot Of SpywareTools That CIA Uses


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CIA Just got f'd a while ago and their tools were, in what looks to be verifiable news, leaked.

Wiki-leaks claim to have a copy of the tools and have published documents on all the CIA Tools that they have in their possession


Some of the tools include:

  • HammerDrill - a CD/DVD collection tool that collects directory walks and files to a configured directory and filename pattern as well as logging CD/DVD insertion and removal events.
  • Sparrowhawk - collects user-entered keystrokes from any system terminal, and collate in a unified format across multiple Unix platforms.
  • MaddeningWhispers - a set of software components that provide beaconing and remote access capabilities to a Vanguard-based device.
  • BaldEagle -Local user-to-root privilege escalation exploit within the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) daemon. Exploit is available on Linux and PC-BSD platforms.
  • Bee Sting - Proxy with iFrame injection.
  • Fight Club - encryption utility.
  • RainMaker - a survey and file collection tool.
  • Weeping Angel - transforms Samsung smart TVs into microphones, using a fake "Off mode."


The documents also include various ways to ByPass Many Security Products i.e AV's which include Comodo,Kaspersky, Avast, Symantec, Defender among Others..

As per my research, seems kaspersky was bypassed using a Kaspersky "heapgrd" DLL Inject which targetted WHEAPGRD.DLL file which due to a unicode

error the dll's name is prepended with to the system root drive i.e C or whatever. Hence when the av can't detect (Due To The Error) it results in automatic search

for the dll and thus an attacker can load a customized DLL into the AVP process thus f'ing up kaspersky.


Download The Torrent Link Here:


Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7BF9A9F2A2809E13BD57A96A360725F1688A0D51&dn=WikiLeaks-Year-Zero-2017-v1.7z&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fzer0day.ch%3a1337&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fexplodie.org%3a6969

Original Torrent Link:

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Torrent File Password:



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For More INfo On This And More Tools Check Out Their Main Site:


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FYI The dump is called vault7

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