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Found 24 results

  1. INDEX 1. - WHAT IS RDP ? 2. - SOME METHODS TO GET RDP FREE [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. RDP Servers? Before Going to RDP servers we will learn that what is RDP and what's use it. After that, we will learn what are the RDP servers and will discuss some RDP/ VPS service providers. What is RDP? RDP stands for Remote desktop protocol. Remote Desktop Protocol owns by Microsoft, you may also notice a software called Remote Desktop Connection on your Windows computer. RDP allows user to remotely control or connect to an RDP Server enabled Computer through the internet or Local networks. Remote Desktop Protocol allows remote users to control the other windows pc which is situated in other location and its so cool to have an RDP server for your self I will talk about it later. Remote Desktop Protocol is Only For Windows, by RDP you can only connect to a Windows RDP server, and also not all windows version supports RDP sever establish, only some of windows server version supports it. So Basically, RDP is for transmitting the remote server's monitor/screen to the Client User and the Client User's keyboard and mouse to the remote server, by this client user have full control of the RDP server. What is an RDP Server? For the shake of simplicity, The RDP Server is a windows machine that has installed the necessary components to share the control of that machine to an RDP remote user or an RDP client User. let's understand with a basic example, suppose you have a Windows PC in which you installed necessary components (RDS etc.) to share its control with another user, in this case, your pc is an RDP server. What is a client? The client are you. Yes! a client is who controls the remote servers using and RDP client software. You can connect to an RDP server from windows, macOS, IOs, android cause Microsoft officially provides RDP client apps for all of the above platforms. You can also connect to an RDP server using Linux or other platform but using third party solutions or applications. Requirements to connect to an RDP Server There are no special requirements to establish a connection between the RDP server and your Device, you just need an RDP server IP address with a port and an RDP client on your device. For android, you can find the Official RD client app of Microsoft in google play store and for windows, you can use preinstalled software the Remote Desktop Connection. How To Get an RDP Server For Yourself Cause of the Extreme Popularity of RDP/VPS at present, there are lots of RDP/VPS providers on the internet. Some are costly and some are very cheap. If you want to take a trial you can use Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure for testing and experience the RDP server. AWS 1 year - Azure 100$ Credit - What The Use OF RDP? I think after reading the above lines you should know why to use RDP/VPS, but if you don't know then let me explain to you the advantage of it. First read the above paragraphs about RDP, RDP servers, RDP Client carefully. I hope Now you understood what RDP and how it works, now you know that we can establish a connection to a Windows RDP server using RDP client software which is available for android, ios and macOS, so it's clear here that you can control a windows machine which has a good amount of ram, high processing power by just your smartphone, isn't it cool? it's super cool to control a high-end computer using your Low-end device. You can use it if you haven't a Computer, you can use it for anonymous reasons, and for privacy reasons of for doing some anonymous activity which you don't want to do on your PC and your local network. And One More Thing I use RDPs for High-Speed & Unlimited internet(up to 5gp/ps) and as a hosting.
  3. itsMe

    Windows11 RDP

    Free Windows 11 VDS (1 Saat) - original author: Thuonghai001 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. itsMe

    How To Crack RDP

    [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. [Hidden Content]
  6. dEEpEst

    RDP Ping

    Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  7. itsMe

    Making Azure RDP

    [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  8. The RDP termdd.sys driver improperly handles binds to internal-only channel MS_T120, allowing a malformed Disconnect Provider Indication message to cause a use-after-free. With a controllable data/size remote nonpaged pool spray, an indirect call gadget of the freed channel is used to achieve arbitrary code execution. View the full article
  9. timboleik

    Masscan GUI

  10. Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop BlueKeep denial of service exploit. View the full article
  11. Version 2.2.7 Changing the .NET Framework platform from the 4.6.1 version to the updated 4.7.2 version. Added the Get server certificate domains option, which allows you to get the domain from the SSL'TLS server certificate. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  12. Seth is a tool written in Python and Bash to MitM RDP connections by attempting to downgrade the connection in order to extract clear text credentials. It was developed to raise awareness and educate about the importance of properly configured RDP connections in the context of pentests, workshops or talks. The author is Adrian Vollmer (SySS GmbH). Disclaimer Use at your own risk. Do not use without full consent of everyone involved. For educational purposes only. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  13. dEEpEst

    RDP Brute (Cracked)

    Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  14. Instruction: 1. Unzip the downloaded archive to any folder on your disk. 2. Open the "Before Run" folder. Set Disable SSL cache, dotNetFx45, vcredist. 1. Run RDP Recognizer 2. Load IP List (Load your scanned IPs per port) 3. Settings (Recognizer Threads - from 50 to 2000) (Images Threads - 45) 4. Start 5. After the robots are finished, go to the Passwords Shaper tab. 6. Load Passwords 7. Save passwords list (Save the final result with ip login pass) 1. Start RDP Brute 2. Load IP List (Load result from item 7) 3. Use recognizer list (+) 4. Use bruteforce win xp / 2003 (Optional) 5. Threads (Optional) (I recommend from 500) 6. Start
  15. Is a Checker not a Cracker! [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  16. RDP ForcerX v 1.5 Plus (best dedicated servers pentration test tool for today) Features: Detect all Logins on system (only need brute passwords). Supports surval Ports IP Range Scanner (masscan) Testing password in different spelling (Large and lower case) Can bruteforce all windows logins Support all Windows systems. fast speed and logins detection make it best brute for today. Requirements: Windows 7 or higher WinPcap .Net Framework 4.5 The Tool can be startet with "ForcerX15+.exe" Version 1.5 (03.04.2017) updates: Added speed perfomance. Optimized threads and memory usage. Detector 70% faster. ForcerX 30% faster and use 40% less memory Fixed ForserS crashes. TOR support for Detector, ForserX. ForserS and checker. Removed many crashes bugs. Instruction: 1 use scanner to find open remote desktop ports. 2 use Detector on finded IPs for detect Windows logins. 3 use ForcerX for brute passwords for detected logins with Detector, note: use scanner on clean direct ip for correct scanning, Detector, ForserX. ForserS can work on any connection including tor. note: ForcerS for brute logins and passwords, that will take much more time. note: for best results create good password list by yourself, do not use to big passwords lists it will take much more time. Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  17. itsMe

    Fast RDP Brute GUI v2.0

    The capabilities of the shell is much better than the old official (Fast RDP Brute v1.2.1.1). They are as follows: 1. Built-in port scanner that scans a ce rtain IP-addresses and address ranges specified. Immediately, when a successful scan results will be ru nning too much steam username / password once for each host. 2. Now you can scan the RDP service on non-standard ports (eg 3390 or 3391). 3. Straight from the list of scanned hosts can cause a connection to a remote desktop press Ent er. 4. Unlike the older version, in our shell all the indicators of successful and unsuccessful rebounds, errors, and the search speed is calculated and displayed without error Smile 5. Hoods can be seen not only in the list of brute force, but also they are stored in a file in the program directory good.txt. Disadvantages: 1. Not supported blank password, authenti c ation at the network level (NLA), and the authorization server is disabled via RDP (i.e. password can be typed from the keyboard only at the input) to all such serv ers include Windows 2000 (XP and up to a You can also set up somehow). 2. If the server is configured for auto-login, the brute will issue a "buzzing" with any user / password. 3. With the sudden end of the program (via Task Manager) will be impossible to continue the scan and search with the break. Tips: [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  18. [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Pass:
  19. [Hidden Content] Pass: [Hidden Content]
  20. [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Pass: .exe Obfuscated [Hidden Content] RDP Multi Tool makes it easy to connect to and work with RDP, one software contains several useful functions that will speed up the processing of RDP servers several times. Functionality: * Accepts [email protected];Pass and IP:[email protected];Pass, for the first format itself will add port 3389. * Ability to open a server from the list in one click through the built-in RDP client or RDP Plus. * Sorting servers by different files, files can be opened from the program. * Ability to open a server without user/pass to get a list of users a also take a screenshot. * Converter from the format. TXT in Mremoteng format (not higher than 1.74 Final). * The ability to change the separator for your import/export databases. * Ability to split base in IPs. txt, Port. txt, Users. txt, Pass. txt. * Search by IP in the base of the format IP:[email protected];pass or [email protected];pass, will return the whole line, convenient when selling RDP, in one click Get the list of IP from the file, the buyer returns the desired IP, you do a search and get the list in full format. * Import files in one click or Drag and Drop * The settings are saved when the program is closed. * You can determine the country, city, region through or and also save them in the database. * Ping servers. * Check the availability of the port so you can easily sort the servers. * Import file after check from z668. * Sorting servers. * You can add a comment for each server. The new version of + You can open several servers in parallel through the built-in viewer, each server-a new window. + Search. + after connecting to the server, in the Status field will automatically put Good-if valid, or online if the server is online but user/pass is not suitable.